PS3: Jack Tretton: "The PS3 is still dominant."

Appearing on CNBC this morning to discuss the PlayStation 3 price drop, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton went toe-to-toe with reporter Bill Griffeth. An interview that, while pithy, failed to answer the one question that everyone seems to be asking concerning the price drop and subsequent $600 model.

CNBC does manage to misquote some vital numbers as their "worldwide sales" are actually the US sales. Tretton closes with "the PS3 is still dominant," though the numbers are telling quite the story.

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nice_cuppa4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )


you can't disagree with my reaction im affraid.

it happened.

click away, click away !

unbiased4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

I'll give you a hint they hate blueray and only make HDDVD

GrizAdams4024d ago

CNBC is owned by GE and Vivendi

HD-DVD is owned by Toshiba

Where is the connection?

Creepa at GameManx4024d ago

I {{some}} what agree...***Watch some sensitive mafocka eat my bubbles**

Effects Guardian4024d ago

Yup, jack. If being dominant means the 360 outselling you by 2x, and the Wii outselling you by 4x, then yep, you have one DOMINANT console.

TriggerHappy4024d ago

Wii is outselling everybody and not just Sony. Although i am a little puzzled with his comment about PS3 been dominant. Is too early for this comment now. Maybe a a month after the results are in with the new price drop and how well the console migh have sold, then he can go ahead and make such comment.

reaperxciv4024d ago

the ps3 is dominant in Games or the lack thereof

Creepa at GameManx4024d ago

" Wii is eating everyone's lunch"

I dont get how is Xbox selling more worldwide than the Wii

Watch the Video @ 1:45

- Xbox 5.6 M
- Wii 2.8 M ???
-PS3 -1.4 M

....hmmm where did they get these numbers from? I smell BS

**Bubbles highly appreciated**

Keyser4024d ago

So this is CNBC...

Is MSNBC right down the hall?

masterg4024d ago

This must be US numbers only

_insane_cobra4024d ago

Oh dear... Pure comedy gold.

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The story is too old to be commented.