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Submitted by Bigmac573 3136d ago | news

60GB PS3 Sales Spike 700% on, #3 Top Seller

In some promising news for PS3 owners, it seems the $100 price cut of Sony's PS3 has caused a spike in sales on Take the jump for the top seller list. (PS3)

Update UPDATE: The PS3 has reached #1 on the top seller list at and is up 2800% in sales.

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Odion  +   3136d ago
i call first comment on this news post

Well lets see how long this steam last for, the Elite was in fourth till this then dropped to 25th, of course it could have been because it sold out but w/e. Amazon is usually the first to see the effects of these kinds of things
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jromao  +   3136d ago
worried ?
Isn't steam but pure PS3 power, console history shows PS2 as the great winner ever and PS3 is being "builded" over that PS2 owners, you should worry about calling MS and ask them to fix the 360 problems because only gamers can win if there is two options in shops, and at this moment we can see PS3.
Maddens Raiders  +   3136d ago
Great news -
for SNE. Seems like you guys might have caught the tail of a real gale here. Now introduce the new touchsense at E3 and deliver a hit with KZ, and the HS demo and you're really on your way to finishing off the year with a gigantic bang.

TriggerHappy  +   3136d ago
and the announcement was yesterday night was it not? Am curious to see where it ends at the end of the week.
Blackmoses  +   3136d ago!
didn't see that comming
techie  +   3136d ago
Who wouldn't for £250??? (Bought it for £390)
deepio  +   3135d ago
Price drop in the UK??
So you're trying to say that Sony is going to drop the price of the PS3 to £250 here in the UK? That's a drop of £140 judging by what you bought the PS3 for, in dollars that's $280! I don't think so. More than likely it'll be drop of around £50-70 bringing the PS3 down to around £325 (if there is a drop in the price at all!!).

For me it's still too dam expensive for a games console.
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XboxKing  +   3135d ago
I'm with you

but now this means I can buy my 3rd PS3
Monchichi025  +   3136d ago
I guess they've sold 6 units now compared to the 1 per month they were selling before. LMAO
-_-_-_-_-_-_-  +   3136d ago
you covered 700% there, but not #3, eh?
Greysturm  +   3136d ago
That makes sense...not
Since it also got in the best seller list.
the worst  +   3136d ago
funny this wont burnout youll get your money worth
Azures  +   3136d ago
what a witty individual you are. excuse me, i think i just stepped on a relative of yours.
nobizlikesnowbiz  +   3136d ago
And wow your comment I'd say was lamer.
XxZxX  +   3136d ago
wait if they are #1 in sales and sold 6 of them, so #13 of XBOX 360 sold like 0.35? hhahaa LMAO
MrSwede  +   3135d ago
WOW!!!! I was disagree #40
SimmoUK  +   3136d ago
It's good that there's been a cut because it's what people wanted, now the system is affordable to more people which can only be a good thing...
Greysturm  +   3136d ago
mmm someone is wrong...
Someone in another post had concluded that nothing was happening in amazon after the pricecut well it looks like he was wrong i hope a lot of people buy the system as a way to build a pressure group to keep the upgrades coming to the system and make developers start doing good things for the ps3.
SimmoUK  +   3136d ago
Developers already are don't worry Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Ninja Theory, Poly Phonic, Guerilla games plus many more are all working exclusively for PS3, these are great studios that will make great games PS3 has just had some bashing ever since the delay after E3 everyone will be impressed with Sony have faith history tell's you to...

To below:
of course i do, but you do realise that everyone of the studios i named is Sony through and through and they enjoy working with Sony, Sony has treated them well and they want to work with Sony exclusively, you won't be getting any of there games this fall or next year so if you want to play them buy a PS3...

Oh and Polyphonic is a Sony studio, so is Guerilla Sony brought them 2 years ago, so please don't talk down to someone who knows more than you...

ON ANOTHER NOTE: Please help to get my bubbles back I think Microsoft fans take them off me for speaking sense...
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Odion  +   3136d ago
you do realized that except for Ninja theory every other studio you named was a second or first party studio
Odion  +   3136d ago
you do realized that except for Ninja theory every other studio you named was a second or first party studio
DrPirate  +   3136d ago
In my opinion, Sony First Party/ Second Party developers = best in the world.

The reason I bought a PS3 was because 99% of my PS2/PS1 games library was made up of first party/second party games for the exception of SquareSoft.(and DMC and MGS from Capcom and Konami respectively)
Again, just my opinion. Don't kill me.
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Adamalicious  +   3136d ago
@6.2, 6.3
Regardless of what you might think Insomniac and Naughty Dog are 3rd party developers. Just because they only develop for Sony consoles doesn't mean they are somehow financially supported by Sony. Certainly Sony does comarketing with them, but that's just good business. Yes, Sony publishes their games, but that doesn't mean that they own the studios (1st party) or fund their development (2nd party). In a recent interview Ted Price even said they could develop for other systems if they wanted to, but right now they don't want to. Get your facts straight :)
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Kyur4ThePain  +   3136d ago
This is
as stupid as yesterday's post on the Elite's jump.
If it stays there for a week, I'd be impressed.
BIadestarX  +   3136d ago
For the first time I agree with you... it feels weird... since when (single retailer) is a creditable to tell whether a console is selling bad or great...
Did you all know that if they run out of PS3 it will cost the PS3 to drop from the top seller list... simply because they can't sell what they don't have...
DrPirate  +   3136d ago
Agreed as well. This is just the initial spike that happens after a price drop. Anyone that WAS saving up for a PS3 will now get one if they wanted one, but after everyoen that wanted one gets their hands on it, sales will subside once more.
TheExecutive  +   3136d ago
@ kyur4thepain I agree with you. Of course there is going to be a jump in sales right after a price cut was announced, how long it will last is another question.

@Bladestar A tale tale sign of arrogance is when you find yourself saying, "For the first time I agree with you... it feels weird" A lot of people have many good things to say if you open your ears to them.
Creepa at GameManx  +   3136d ago
Hayabusa 117  +   3135d ago
Double post.
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the worst  +   3136d ago
this just in
xbox 720 will be released this year
less burn out and less red rings
no more red ring we going 2 make it yellow rings
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God of Gaming  +   3136d ago
Not funny.. and the red ring jokes really mean nothing now... again, not funny.
Auron  +   3136d ago
this just in
shut up youre not funny.
DrPirate  +   3136d ago
Agreed, the red ring joke is almsot as old as the PS3 not having any games joke.

Both are outdated and old now.
Hayabusa 117  +   3135d ago
The PS3 doesn't have many good games IMO. At least games that I can play on it NOW. It definately has it's awesome games, but they're just not out yet.
worrying for sony -

we'll see how long this boost lasts (hint: not long)
Greysturm  +   3136d ago
probably till...
Oh look (insert gadget here) got a pricecut look it reached (insert number here) % upgrade in sales amazing!
SouthwoodS  +   3136d ago
lol...looks like the PS3 is the best system out there except for the price. If it was the same price as 360 it would kill 360.
Kokoro  +   3136d ago
Get it while it's hot.
ngoniko  +   3136d ago
good for sony
FordGTGuy  +   3136d ago
How long though?
Is this a one time thing and then a slow down or what?
DrPirate  +   3136d ago
I would say so. I bet sales will go back to normal (or a slightly increase pace, I'd estimate 10% more sales then before the price drop) in just a week or 2. The next sales spike is next price drop, or in the August/Septermber months when all the first party titles hit.
Mu5afir  +   3136d ago
No, usually a price cut results in more sales per month for an extended period of time.
Monchichi025  +   3136d ago
General Marketing Rule of thumb
Price cuts will help the immediate are are only successful if you can build consistancy. Sony has proven that they can't do this. This is afterall the same scenerio there were in with the 20 gig and 60 gig model.

Give it a month and number will DROP once again.
boi  +   3136d ago
lol a month huh

stop scarying the fanboys lol btw i didnt click on the disagree

Ps3 will carry on selling and it will just get better
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Violater  +   3136d ago
Lol sad
"Sony has proven that they can't do this"

Lol again I have to say PS2 says HELLO!!!

These are the last few hours for people to hate on the PS3, enjoy them while they last.
TriggerHappy  +   3136d ago
this is not bad at all. Good for Sony. Imagine what would have happened if they had lowered it even more.
gEnKiE  +   3136d ago
Awesome glad i listened to the rumors last week and waited to get my ps3. i was going to get one last week then the rumors started flooding n4g and i decided to wait it out. now i am glad i did. its good to hear all of this good news now hitting sony. keep it up is all i have to say! :)
Violater  +   3136d ago
Its funny
you guys sh!t on Amazon now when the Elite was in the top 10 it was a credible source.
Lets see the Wii is there, makes sense, Guitar Hero for the (PS2) is there makes sense.
And the PS3 is there and for you guys that doesn't mean its selling?

Wow PS3 # 1
@EDF 2017 yes but did it beat the Wii to be #1

And we haven't even seen anything from E3 yet.

If even for a day this is good news.
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ReBurn  +   3136d ago
Amazon sales rank is never a good indicator
Most people buy their consoles in retail stores. I know if I'm going to pay that kind of cash I want to carry it home with me.
LSDARBY  +   3136d ago
If Sony have great news to spill at E3 then sales will be boosted even more, just like after GDC.
kurruptor  +   3136d ago
I found this funny too...

PS3 4.5 star rating
360 3.5 star rating
ALIEN  +   3136d ago
If the PS3 was the same price as 360 it would kill 360.
NewScratch  +   3136d ago
its a year younger too....
so chill. organic growth will smash the competition. if they were to have dropped the price even more than $100 sure the numbers would be big but itd really lose a bit of its flav(a)or if you ask me. like the dude above said, theres only a few more hours to hate on the ps3 and then its business as usual folks...
TriggerHappy  +   3136d ago
whiles you make a good claim, there is no proof to back that up. And as it stands now, 360 have a much bigger library than the ps3. Games sell consoles. Price is a whole different aspect. PS3's library is starting to look better.
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Hayabusa 117  +   3135d ago
And if the 360 was the same price as the Wii, it would be the #1. Heck, the PS3 was the same price as the Wii, it would be also be #1! And you know why? It's called brand loyalty...Sony have lot's of it...and it's the only thing that have kept them alive when their consoles aren't selling.

This proves what many people - myself included - have said all along: the PS3 is too expensive. The fanboy's tried to tell us that it will sell none-the-less, and that it's worth the price, but I said it time and time again: it's a simple economic principle: the higher the price, the lower the sales. I'm glad for Sony's sake that they're slashing the price earlier, rather than later, and hopefully it'll push Microsoft, who quite frankly, haven't been forced to do much against their current competition (the PS3).
VirusE  +   3136d ago
This just goes to show how much of a barrier the 600 price tag was for many gamers. Kudos sony for dropping the price but i still wish it would have kept the 20gb model and let it go for 400.
Nicosia  +   3136d ago
anyone know if europe is going to get a price cut?
Nicosia  +   3136d ago
hahhahaHaHAHAH... how could somebody disagree about that LOLOL
SimmoUK  +   3136d ago
Europe should be seeing a drop 2...
Yes there has been an article on Europe getting a definate PS3 price cut as well, even though it is selling well in Europe and Japan just not as well as the Wii, forecast says that it should be going down to £375 maybe £350 to get rid of that £400 barrier, and thanks to the person who helped to get a bubble back i don't flame just talk about what i know...

Oh and PS3 just went to the number 1 spot maybe they've just ran out of wii's, you see i can joke 2 :)
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Premonition  +   3136d ago
Theres suppose to be a announcement on Thursday for UK, dealing with price.
Nicosia  +   3136d ago
Man wait till friday.. me want now hahaha. Was going to buy it last week, i will wait. And thanks guys for the info.
EDF 2017  +   3136d ago
What Sony should worry about is: PS3 sales rise on Amazon but xbox 360 elite continues to sell out. Which is not a good sign, the 360 elite still sells out even after the PS3 price drop announcement. So if Sony can't stop the 360 from selling ata steady pace they are screwed and will never get close to Microsofts installed base. THere sales will plummet, again. You PS3 fanboys are in the same boat you were in when the system launched at a $499 ad $599 pricepoint, atleast with the elite you get a high quality HDMI cable and 120gb hard drive.

"The PS3 saw a welcome boost from the recent price drop on the amazon sales charts, but the Wii still dominates the charts at number one. The xbox 360 elite has actually sold through all its stock, and thus is at number 26. Could this sustained interest in the xbox 360 elite, despite the price drop be worrying news for sony?"
#24 (Edited 3136d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
warch1ld  +   3136d ago
"atleast with the elite you get a high quality HDMI cable and 120gb hard drive. "

At least with Sony you get a reliable system. Last time I checked 360 sales were still missing forecasts as well.
blusoops  +   3136d ago
"atleast with the elite you get a high quality HDMI cable and 120gb hard drive."

Yeah, but you still DON'T get WIFI or an HD movie need to pay $100 + $200 more if you want that stuff.

You can get a high quality "Monster" HDMI cable on ebay for $30.

I'll stick w/the PS3!
NewScratch  +   3136d ago
dont look now
but its at +2,800%
Ivalice  +   3136d ago
That's settles it! I'm going straight down to my local game store and grab myself a PS3 for 499! I guess my 360 will collect dust from now on.
NewScratch  +   3136d ago
pick up
THE BIGS while you're there and pre-order gta4 so the "puny" ps3 install base can get even closer to equaling the pre-order numbers for more than double 360 base along with MS' 50-million-dollar sized hole in their pocket...
#26.1 (Edited 3136d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Greysturm  +   3136d ago
blimey its the best seller now
I cant beliee this who new 100 dollars would change things so quickly... lets hope it lasts
rukusa  +   3136d ago
Woah... PS3 is the No.1 spot. It beat the friggin Wii.
EDF 2017  +   3136d ago
Big Deal
Elite 360 did +3400%
warch1ld  +   3136d ago
I'm more interested in the actual amount sold and position held, not the percentage. Keep trying...
rukusa  +   3136d ago
Lol dont be so defensive. It makes you feel like youre dont like the way this is looking.
peyotiux  +   3136d ago
@ 29
Dude you’re such a fanboy its note even funny
btkadams  +   3136d ago
dude, u realize that the 360 elite was brand new. the ps3 has been out for 8 months. these arent the hardcore gamers getting it as soon as it comes out as with the 360 elite. the people rushing to get the ps3 now are the average gamer.
dont_buy_xcrap_1-5  +   3136d ago
PS3 #1 on amazon now!
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