Video Game Prices Drop 60% in First Eight Months

Tracking games released in October and November of 2006, 2004, 2002, and 2000, Used Video Game Pricing found that the greatest culprits are the more recent, 2006 titles. While year 2000 games only saw a 20% fall off, 2006 titles have fallen to that whopping 60% figure we put in the headline, or from $42.08 to $28.66.

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kspraydad3910d ago

Can you tell Nintendo to freaking drop the price of Pokemon Emerald so my kid can stop busting my balls over it?

May 1 2005 and its STILL selling for full price.

MK_Red3910d ago

Wow, after all this time? I always though game prices fall no matter what. Hope it gets cheaper soon.

Back to topic, I think its good that games get cheaper so soon but would it hurt industry? I dont think so.