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Submitted by Janx 3139d ago | rumor

Rumor: Portable Xbox to be shown at E3

The New Zealand Herald is running a story on the changing nature of E3, and part of their article returns to some age old console rumors including Microsoft is to show off a portable Xbox and the Wii will receive an Official hard drive solution.


- A handheld xBox will be displayed, along the lines of Microsoft's iPod rival, the Zune.

- PS3 debuts its Second Life-type online gaming platform called Home and announces a public beta is being launched

- PSP gets a redesign

- The Wii gets a proper hard drive storage solution

PS3 and Xbox Live will let gamers see what they've announced by posting stuff including game trailers to their online networks for console fans to peruse. (Industry, Xbox 360)
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gods army  +   3139d ago
Dumb, dumb dumb
ms better have some good title if they are to do this, because it will end up like the PSP, which equals SHiIIYYYYYY
Salvadore  +   3139d ago
The PSP is still succesful considering that Nintendo is the market leader in Portables
If MS releases a portable, they have just shoot themselves in the foot. Their can be more profitable if they work as a software company in the market.
coolmatrix  +   3139d ago
I am SO happy that MS might be releasing a HAND-HELD....
This is pure genius.

I guess this makes the "RED RING OF DEATH PORTABLE."

Dont worry Xbox360 fans, you will pay full price and get a refurbished HAND-HELD soon. You guys love crap!!

Hey dont worry, maybe you will get ALL Xbox 1 games portable.

But hey its just me.

How much is this rumour gonna cost?

More CRAP from MS. MORE HAPPY MS customers
VirusE  +   3139d ago
Cool something else for the DS to piss all over. MS would be brain dead to try this. The hand held market is OWNED by nintendo and has been since its dawn.
QuackPot  +   3139d ago
But what if the PSP2 becomes a portable Ps3 display & controller.
Especially when the sales in Ps3 start to increase over the next year or two.

Tying the PsP with the Ps3 would be a brilliant move to increase sales. It would be a must have add on when buy a Ps3.
kspraydad  +   3139d ago
The PSP will have approx 30 million in sales by Mar 08
...hardly a failure. Sony, luckily for them, is drawing from a HUGE install base of PS1/PS2 fans

The ZuneBoy though will be emulating Xbox One games I'd have only an installed base of 24 million X fans (with ALOT of cross over to X360)'ll be a much tougher draw.

If they can add the gaming functions to a solid music player (Zune is pretty good) as well as Remote Play functions like the PSP,then they may be able to make it work. If it is only and purely a game machine...forget it, the installed base of X fans is too small.
gamerriffic  +   3139d ago
portable xbox?
that just might be the dumbest rumor to get approved.
seeing that microsoft and 3rd party
has completely abandoned the 1st xbox.
Umbrella Corp  +   3139d ago
If Microsoft releases a portAble i doubt it would fail like the psp,think for a second....Xbox live,achievements better graphics and possibly a portable version of halo to play on xbox live sweet!
gods army  +   3139d ago
Microsoft is stupid here!
How many handhelds have failed in the eyes of Nintendo. Sega, SONY, NEO GEO, so on, NINTENDO IS the FAR superior company in this market, has experience has products, and MS will get NOOOOO penetration, and will loose billions,

In order to have a handheld you need kids games and MS has none, sorry RARE hasn’t been successful yet

Stupid MS.
razer  +   3139d ago
I love my PSP
It's damn sexy and has everything in a portable game device I want. The DS is alright but I will never own one. I gave up on the kiddie games/girlie games of Nintendo a long long time ago.

I think MS could make a decent portable device and I think competition is good. However, I think MS are smart enough to stay out of the portable market and have learned the hard way with the Zune.
Mr Murda  +   3139d ago
Won't happen...
The only thing I could see is them developing some games to work on the Zune. MS should leave the pure handheld gaming world to Nintendo. However, a few games on the Zune would be welcomed.
gods army  +   3139d ago
MS should develope titles for DS
Microsoft Game studios should develope titles for DS and PSP, they will make money and i see no harm in that?
Auron  +   3139d ago
smart idea
Auron  +   3139d ago
Dont get me wrong I love the XBOX brand
but I dont think handheld is the way to go at this point for Microsoft.
Marceles  +   3139d ago
I think all of these rumors will be debunked
Daxx  +   3139d ago
If there is going to be a portable xbox they better put Halo on it with online play. It would sell millions for sure.
codeazrael  +   3139d ago
Xpod with Halo = success
Include WiFi, not to mention other usual suspects, the entire Xbox 1 library ported to smaller disc to play on the Xpod, as well as Xbox Live Anywhere, with the ability to download content on the go, hey, that could be pretty damn successful.
Covenant  +   3139d ago
In reply to both of you: Agreed. That would be sweet. Also imagine streaming content between the portable and the 360. Imagine it with Media Center compatibility and Live Anywhere.

The potential is unlimited, but will it sell?

And, I have to crack a little joke: This would be an MS gaming machine, with a screen. screen of death? (Intended in good fun). :)
nobizlikesnowbiz  +   3139d ago
Hahaha that pic is funny.
Kokoro  +   3139d ago
these are freaking ugly. But they should let the PSP and DS battle it out and see how it turns out...not that we already dont know.
zonetrooper5  +   3139d ago
It would be pretty cool to play Halo 1 and Halo 2 on the go though. But the design of it must be good and it must have games if they annouce it. Maybe it will be called the XBP, Xbox Portable or Xbox Boy Portable.
PS360WII  +   3139d ago
Would be interesting if it pans out. I'm not sure if it would be worthwhile to them though with the Zune out there. If anything they should make the Zune a gaming platform as well. That way they wouldn't have to invest a bunch of money on a handheld that may or may not sell well.

Handhelds are quickly becoming more in vogue. I can see MS wanting to do that. With the interconnecting it can do with the home console along with gaming on the go. I think it would be a good move on MS's part. Yet like Sony they would have to realize that it's a Nintendo world in the handheld field. We'll see though it's so close to knowing ^^
the worst  +   3139d ago
i think this site is throwing stuff like this up in the air
i think this site is throwing stuff like this up in the air
just 2 hear people fight about it
ASSASSYN 36o  +   3139d ago
If microsoft launches a wifi xbox. Im sold. On-line portable Starwars battlefront anyone or rainbow 6?
Creepa at GameManx  +   3139d ago
I smell BS
ItsDubC  +   3139d ago
Given MS's reputation in Japan, I think an MS portable would fail miserably in the face of the PSP and DS. Especially if MS's portable is nothing more than a portable version of a home console like the PSP is. I personally don't think I'd want to spend a significant amount of time playing multiplayer Halo on a handheld.

The DS is successful because it was designed from the ground up to be a handheld console instead of just a portable version of a home console. An MS portable may have a chance if it provides a truly unique and innovative experience. The DS does this w/ its dual screens and stylus control.
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witchking  +   3139d ago
Portable Xbox for third year in a row
This is the third year in a row we've heard rumors of an "Xboy." It's getting as old as Duke Nukem Forever.

This falls more under wishful thinking than an official rumor.
MaximusPrime  +   3139d ago
xbox portable? good news for bricklayers.
Laka  +   3139d ago
If it has mp3 player enable, I'm inline getting one of these babies.
ALIEN  +   3139d ago
The first game on XBOX portable is going to be "HALOportable". I bet HALO is going to be on XBOX portable. (joke)
Jen5en  +   3139d ago
Why would Microsoft even bother making a portable version of their abandonned child, the Xbox? They're making success with the Xbox 360, and that'll be their focus. Trying to beat both Sony and Nintendo on the portable market is about as wise as playing Russian Roulette with a semi-automatic.
Sphinx  +   3139d ago
Doesn't this rumor come up every E3?
Ugh, oh well. Either way, if there were to be an "Xboy", I would certainly hope it could go online, play Arcade games transferred from the 360, have Xbox 1 graphics, and two analog sticks.
dale1  +   3139d ago
iv,e seen the xbox portable with my own eyes that aint no sh*t
its a 360 with wheels saves the backs of the customer for returns
just a little bit of humour
kewlkat007  +   3139d ago
Everybody that have DOUBTS about
new MS products will continue to have DOUBTS.

I mean with the way Sony was crushing everything the last 2 generations of Video games, certainly the same DOUBTS were cast on MS for coming into the Video Gaming Business, and of course some continue to DOUBT the 360, which have made great strides amongst "giant beasts" (Nintendo/Sony).

MS has money to burn, now why do I care? A lot of us are not share holders. Hey I love technology and I like competition, so bring it on. It's not like I have to buy it. You will always have other choices. Yeah Nintendo owns that Market, but while I do have a PSP and DS, I wouldn't say the DS is for a Hard-Core gamer, just as the Wii is not looking like it is either.

The DS/Wii is in a world of their own. Sony and MS can still compete.

Bring it on..I like new sh!t, even though I think this is fake, though it has been rumored a lot.
BIadestarX  +   3139d ago
I can see how an Xboy can work...
Make it poweful enough that it can run all original xbox games on day one... All original xbox games available from the marketplace on day 1.

Allow XNA framework to work out of the box...

All xbox live arcade games available on the xboy from the marketplace on day 1.

Allow the xboy to have access to the movie marketplace, etc.

Allow the xboy to run xbox 360 downloable games and demos.... i.e. the same demos you can play on your xbox 360 runs on the xboy... obviously not the same graphics or the same defintion... and they don't have to be HD...

Big built in big hard drive.
ItsDubC  +   3139d ago
And how much do you expect something like this to cost?

Large solid-state drives that won't kill the battery life cost more, and a portable console spec'd the same as the original Xbox while fitting into a handheld formfactor would cost a lot in terms of development and manufacturing. MS's strength would most definitely lie in the software that would enable the things you mentioned.
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TheXgamerLive  +   3139d ago
I doubt it's true to acvtually be a portableXbox, however if this were true this would be a brilliant move.
The Xbox for those that still have it would become useful again and the portable would spike all kinds of new sales for MS. I'd even by one for when I'm at work or school. Although my Xbox 360 would still be my main machine. If they tied a portable to the Xbox live and the 360's displays on live, well this would all be a good thing.

BUT, is it true?
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