Rock Band to launch as an Xbox 360 time exclusive?

The inaugural E3 Business & Media Summit is just days away now, and such important gaming events usually prompt enough speculative chatter to kick start our efficient Rumour Mill into complete overdrive. The first significant arrival in terms of E3 rumours is the claim that Harmonix's Rock Band will appear exclusively (for a limited time) on the Microsoft Xbox 360 when it is launched later this year.

This has been sparked by the appearance of an invite to the developer's E3-based event this coming Wednesday, upon which a distinctive Xbox 360 logo appears... but not a Sony PlayStation 3 equivalent. Wired's Chris Kohler has previously speculated that Microsoft might have once again used its financial clout to gain exclusive rights to the upcoming virtual musical extravaganza.

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predator4028d ago

ms did say they wanted to make the 360 appeal to casual gamers to, so maybe they stuck i deal, this game will appeal to casual and hardcore gamers, time will tell, roll on e3 for all 3 companys

Odion4028d ago

to add to your theory they also said they wanted to add more peripheral based games to the 360, so if they got Rock Band as a time Exsclusive thats amazing.

However i personally don't believe it

aiphanes4028d ago

They will make a lot of money off it on both the PS3 and Xbox 360...

PS360PCROCKS4028d ago

yep but they will make even more if it's timed. PS3 fans will buy it no matter what and so will 360 fans. Plus timed exclusive money? companies like green.

Expy4028d ago

It's just an invitation with the logos of the sponsors on it. Sony doesn't sponsor games unless they are first party. We've always known this and Sony has always stood by that. This is no different.

gods army4028d ago

IF SO HUGE NEWS< microsoft stole alot here, this game is hyped as much as halo3 and GTAIV.


Blankman4028d ago

rockband competes with guitar hero. If rock band is timed am jst gonna go buy guitar hero that simple. However i have both consoles so i will probably buy it on 360 however i see no reason why other ps3 owners wouldnt simply go for guitar hero after guitar hero is cheaper plus 200 is a tough sell. rockband needs to establish itself over guitar hero though so taking msofts money might not be wisest at this point

socomnick4028d ago

Im wit you Ima purchase it on the xbox 360 boost up my achivement points.

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The story is too old to be commented.