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xXRight3yeXx3173d ago

PS3 exclusive:2
Xbox 360 exclusive:0

That's an interesting fact.

mintaro3173d ago

That is interesting, also interesting is that the best game of the year so far isn't on the PS3.

EVILDEAD3603173d ago

I own 4 out of 5..I'm not going to hate on Xplay because they threw a Wii fighting game in the top 5.

But the omission of Final Fantasy and Battlefied:BC2 is pretty glaring...

Both 360 and PS3 fans got to be happy..

Let the fankids pretend Mass Effect 2 wasn't a major early console exclusive..but 1.6 Million 360 owners don't give a [email protected]$k! One of the best gaming experiences the gen..period..

Is it just me or do God of War clips still get you hyped..even though you beat the game..the ONLY game I wish had theater mode like Halo I could just enjoy those awe dropping QTE moments without dying..

Mass Effect 2 and God of War 3..neck and neck for GOTY so far..

Just finished Heavy rain and I would have done an IP search and went to someones doorstep if I had known who the killer was..great experience

I haven't finished Bayonetta..due to all of the friggin' games that were out at the same time that I got it..but I can't wait to finish it and Dante..just glad XPLAY gave a game like that the props it deserves

I'm sure E3 will pull out some suprises

But the front runners for the rest of the year


Lost Planet 2
Red Dead Redemption
Call of Duty 7


Alan Wake
Splinter Cell Conviction
Halo Reach
Fable 3

Gran Turismo 5
Last Guardian (if it stays in 2010)

Life os f-ing good (and expensive) to be a gamer in right now


Cold 20003173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

If you have to pick only ONE game you should get ME2.

Deserves its 96% on Meta. A masterpiece.

xXRight3yeXx3173d ago


Oh really? Best game so far is GOW3. I don't know what you're talking about. And if you meant Mass Effect 2, then, well, it's not on my console but it is on one of my platform (PC). I played it and it's definitely a contender but GOW3 is better. You probably haven't played it yet. Sorry to burst your bubble.

You 360 fanboys can treat Bayonetta, Dante's Inferno, Mass Effect 2, SCC like a 360 exclusive all you want but that aint gonna change any facts.


1.6 million huh? That's impressive. Any source besides vgchartz? Anyway, the term "console exclusive" doesn't exist. It is made up by 360 fanboys who wanted to defend their console from repeatedly getting slammed for having no exclusives.

xXRight3yeXx3173d ago

Metascore is a good and accurate way to determine GOTY's.


mintaro3173d ago

How is it that your opinion outweighs mine?

Cold 20003173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Meta + critical acclaim + sales + hype + praise from gamers all help choose game of the year.

That puts ME2 in front of GOW 3.

You're funny, you started crap with your first post, got owned by Mintaro and now you look silly trying "defend" yourself lol.

Danja3173d ago

Both ME2 and GOW3 are up front runners for GOYT , both games will get awards from different outlets

two different gameplay types , with two different kind of experience to be had , why the debate , so far they are both the best console exclusive game for each platform....

you guys should go play them both and stop wasting time on petty argument , they both had alot of hype , GOW3 will sell more , ME2 scored higher on metacritic , there they are both even

Aphe3173d ago

It would be nice to see people discuss games on n4g for once without someone banging on about exclusives.

raztad3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )


I wouldnt expect less from you bro :) It's all fine, judging only by meta, ME2 is the best game this year. It's more than likely that for some sites ME2 is indeed the GOTY.


I dont care though. GoW3 is a gamer's dream came true. Mindblowing game. Tops my preferred game ever. It got to be played on Titan and replayed on Chaos.

MAG is giving me a lot of fun and it's seriously underrated IMO. Quite a different approach to multiplayer FPSes.

@Cold bellow

Dont rely that much on meta. You are kidding yourself if you think the xbox version of ME is better than PC's. The higher xbox score only means xbox-only sites are more forgiving and hype driven than sites on the PC realm.

Meta is very flawed take it with a grain of salt..

mikeslemonade3173d ago

I tend to agree with the meta score, but when Gran Turismo 5 comes out that this year it will be the game of the year.

Cold 20003173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Oh you mean the version that has a lower metacritic than the 360 version ? That one ? :D kidding ;)

Nah seriously, the fact that both PC and 360 gamers get to enjoy such a masterpiece gives it even more of a chance of being GOTY since it has support from 2 userbases.

Anyway at the end of the day GOTY goes to whatver game YOU choose is GOTY. I hardly even knew about this GOTY business before joining N4G.

@below: Oh so you're talking sales? What happened to the sales for the PC version that supposedly 80% of people on N4G bought ?

Icyhot3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

^^^ Ya cause meta scores are really that important lol. Only case where a game got GOTY and meta agreed is last year with Uc2... Before that, every year it's a case of a game with winning GOTY not being metas top...

Critical acclaim... Both games have got equal acclaim.

Hype... GOW3 received more hype than ME2. Just go through any recent story in february and March and it was dominated by GOW3. In fact ME2 seems to be forgotten. Hell UC2 is being remembered more and more now a days as compared to ME2... As I said earlier game released earlier in the year will NEVER get GOTY (implies for GOW3 as well).

Sales.. Again a factor which doesn't affect GOTY, but GOW even won that... ME2 500K day 1 in NA GOW3 1 million. ME2 lifetime sales 1.6 million.. GOW3 will do that in March itself.

So I don't understand even how YOUR opinion outweighs the other guy? You decide a GOTY in 2 completely different genre of games and by a 0.3 difference on a site which doesn't even have consistent reviews from the SAME sources. LAME.

EDIT: I never talked sales, I was replying to your 1st comment d!ck head where you mentioned sales. PC version sold something around 500K which seems to be the trend with most PC games.

xXRight3yeXx3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )


Getting "owned" by mintaro? funny, at which part did i go all out of fanboy rage and try to slam him only because he "slammed" me? Trying to "defend" myself? At which part did i try to defend myself? The only one defending here is you. You're a low-life btw. Mom keeps you in the cabinet all day that when you're out of it, you start doing some funny stuff.


My opinion does NOT outweigh yours but when there is a lot of guys in here stating that they believe GOW3 is their GOTY, then it does outweigh yours.

TengkuAmir103173d ago

I wonder what time PS3 owners are online. Why is all the pro-PS3 comments getting disagrees? When this makes it first page, trust me, PRO-PS3 comments will get about 150 agrees.

My Best games so far is

1.God Of War 3
2.Heavy Rain
4.Mass Effect 2

EVILDEAD3603173d ago

LMAO @ this Fankid soooo hurt because people have their own opinion on the subject that he's sending messages to my inbox trying to start trash..

Look little boy..don't be mad at me because a couple of people PWNed you after you tried to instigate trash.

No one cares if you sit in front of your PS3 all day write GOTY on your head with a magic marker everytime you play like it..good for you..state your opinion and move on

Keep the rest in Open Zone where you came from anyways with your month old Multi-account used stritctly to insult people and bash the 360..have fun..just ease up on the keybooard..your letters are starting to fall off

As for VGchartz..I use it..NPD..and the UK charts that are posted like anybody else..don't like the numbers? too bad...this is about consoles..not platforms..nobody made it many times have you heard the term 'platform' war..when they say next gen they include the latest Alienware?

That's why it's funny..outside of the internet these dudes would sound silly..but it won't keep me from enjoying and loving games on both systems..while you spend all your bubbles in hater's 2010 on is what's getting old


The Maxx3173d ago

Ps3 Exclusives with QTE's, linear gameplay and no re-playability - 2

360 games on the list not available on the PS3 with NO QTE's, multiple re-playability and is #1 on XPlay's list - 1

I will take that 1 game over those 2 games any day.

topdawg1223173d ago

Good list, great to see a fighting game get the recognition it deserves. My personal favorite so far is GoW3, a great experience the entire playthrough.

WildArmed3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

I'm sad, my top 2 games of '10 didn't make it..

WKC and MAG..
Wkc is just amazing.. xD and surprisingly so is MAG

i'm not saying that ME2/GoW3/Heavy Rain/etc etc aren't good games.. they just didn't stick to me.

I only platted GoW3 recently and am about 1/3rd way through my second run of Me2.

Both games are being put off bcoz of those two 'mediocre' games. >.<

I'm sure everyone has one game that they loved regardless of it not being critically acclaimed.

<just recently started playing Shadowrun (360, not pc) again.. man I love that game!>
Note: this is an opinion.. just like how X-play list is an opinion

Oh, and Darksiders! another game i'd put up there.
I'd probably kick off Bayonetta for it.. I couldn't get myself to finish the game =/
Still haven't played HR yet...

baum3173d ago

Can't say the same for the Wii and 360. Also, GOTY = GOW3. Of all the 10s both games got from the same websites, those same websites will give GOW3 the GOTY awards, so Metascores are useless. Besides, GOW3 got 12 out of 10, something no 360 game would be able to achieve, by definition.


tinybigman3172d ago

but has anyone noticed that GoW3 in 3 weeks has sold over 1.6 million, while it took ME2 10 weeks to achieve the same feat? so being rated higher means absolutely nothing if people aren't buying the game as it's being proven in europe.

ME2 is virtually DEAD in europe it's a great game and i can't figure out for the life of me why 360 gamers over there aren't buying the game. is it because it's more of a TPS then RPG (a bit disappointed myself with that, still love the game though).

as for xplay's list i agree with all but one bayonetta although the combat is great the rest of this game is GD awful; im on the last stage and i dont even want to go back to it. maybe someday later this year ill finish it.

WildArmed3172d ago

I think you might have mixed ME2 for someting else:

ME2 had very strong sales..

But then again, VG charts has ME2 for 1.64mil total

I'm just confused by the contradicting data >.<

Anyways, thats off topic.

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guitarded773173d ago

God of War 3
Mass Effect 2
Heavy Rain
Battlefield Bad Company 2

That's my list anyway

boodybandit3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Battlefield BC2
Heavy Rain
MLB The Show 2010
Mass Effect 2

zenosaga043173d ago

Good list, and it's only April... what a great year so far

BeaArthur3173d ago

Agreed, I won't have time to play everything this year.

raztad3173d ago

I still have to play a lot of 2008/2009 games and MAG has been eating a lot of my playtime. I'm pushing all incoming games to 2010, unless of course it's something huge like The Last Guardian.

remanutd553173d ago

my list so far
God of War 3
Heavy Rain
White Knight Chronicles

RabeloNext3173d ago

White Knight Chronicles is the first big exclusive of this year to became a big failure...rsrssrsr

remanutd553172d ago

i really liked it , i hope WKC 2 have a faster fighting system but other than that i hope it doesnt change that much because i really like everything else

Danja3173d ago

Heavy Rain
Mass Effect 2
Battlefield Bad Company 2

So Far

BeaArthur3173d ago

That would be my list as well. I can't believe Bayonetta beat out BC2 and FF13, the combat and graphics are cool but everything else in that game is terrible.

Danja3173d ago

The combat was the only thing enjoyable about the game , the graphics are just ok looks like something that would have wowed us back in 2007...

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