PS3:Jack Tretton Q&A - Price Cut,Slow Sales, & 360 Hardware Woes

Level Up's N'Gai Croal Reports:

To gather some additional insights into the thinking behind the PS3's just-announced $100 price cut and the current state of the Playstation business, we spoke by phone last Friday with Sony Computer Entertainment America chief Jack Tretton. Though his 21-year career in the videogame industry has included stints at Activision and JVC, Tretton's 12-year stretch at SCEA--rising from director of sales to president and CEO--has made him one of the most visible public faces of the Playstation brand.

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Tsalagi3904d ago

Applied directly to the forehead!!!

Turd Burglar3904d ago

Yeah, i totally see a flame war coming.

no_more_heroes3904d ago

that was funny. I think it was MadTv that made fun of that once. They had some guy as George Bush (or some other politician, I can't remember) with his pants down bending over and was saying "Head down, apply directly to the ass".

Anyway, I really don't think there was anything too flameworthy in this article. If this thread becomes a flame war, then people really need to look at their lives and find out what's wrong.

Tsalagi3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Just scroll down. It's starting.

Wotbot3904d ago

I want some kind of credit for the £425 I spent on my PS3 only 3 months ago.

Completely gutted, just like I was when MS dropped the box’s price. But at least they gave us gamers some form of credit, 2 games and an extra controller.

Azures3904d ago

console prices drops happen, deal with it. its part of the industry that you need to just not care so much about, you can't really predict them. You got your PS3 for the correct price 3 months ago, tough luck.

Tsalagi3904d ago

I just bought mine three weeks ago. How do you think i feel?

Azures3904d ago

glad that you beat the fanatical rush that will occur next week with the price cut and killzone 2 info released.


SWORDF1SH3904d ago

the reason that people got there money back for the xbox was because ms said they wouldnr lower the price and they did so they had to

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Wotbot3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Not 3 months later. Sorry I will deal with it by not taking it on the chin like a good fanboy.

You can let Sony sh8g you up the arse if you like, but not me. I'm a giver not a taker.

For the reply below. Please see above.

Azures3904d ago

Well you just gave sony an extra 100 bucks, so feel good about yourself. Considering the console still costs 800 bucks to make, it shouldn't really a difference to you.

Tsalagi3904d ago

From what i have seen the new 80 GB model won't have the emotion engine chip built in and may not play PS2 games as good. So at least i got lucky by getting one early.

sajj3163904d ago

Although I wished the CEO threw salt into the wound that is 3RR (Three Red Ring). I think that is what N'Gai was looking to do but he didn't fall for it. He sounds like he was better prepped for this interview and did not make outlandish promises like giving people $1,200 if they could find a PS3 on the shelf.

Sony really needs to clarify this 10 year proposal

Azures3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

It would probably take some time to really exploit the Cell and blu-ray possible disk space. I wonder if we'll ever see games reach like 300+ gigs with quad-layer discs lol.

Plus PS3 has prepared itself fully for digital distribution with free online network and completely upgradeable hard drive (thru independant sources, not paying out the butt for one that says "sony" on it)

LeShin3904d ago

Well, I don't think the ten year proposal is far fetched at all, considering the PS2 has been at it for 7 years already! I'm still playing PS2 games on my PS3 and having a lot of fun. I liked the fact that Jack recognised that the PS2's strongest trait was the games. Lets hope this will transfer to the PS3.

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