GTAIV - First Multiplayer Details and New Screens

Here are some new details released from British Gaming magazine for Rockstars upcoming GTAIV game for the PS3 and Xbox360 . Continue view details and new screens.

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Can not wait for it.

TriggerHappy3848d ago

if you using firefox and you having a hard time viewing the images, just simply right click it and select view image. :)

MyNutsYourChin3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

GTA IV keeps delivering! This game is going to bring serious contemplations to gamers who do not yet have a PS3 or XBOX360. I expect console sales (PS3 and XBOX360) will rise slightly after the release of this game.

If it came out on the Wii, there would be a dramatic loss of graphical quality among other things but I think I'd still need to change my shorts from all the excitement.

Crazyglues3848d ago

The one thing I am predicting this Christmas is that sales of systems are going to be higher then expected. Not Just because of this game but the many games that are set to come out this fall from Halo 3, to Assassin's Creed, to Call of Duty 4, to MGS4, to Devil may cry 4, Hold on let me catch my breath... LoL

To: Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, home, Little Big Planet, Haze and Drake's Fortune, just to name a few...

It's a Great time to be a gamer, this Christmas season is going to have higher sales then any other Holiday sales in the past (2004,05,06)... Mark my words

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Odion3848d ago

where the hell was the MP info?

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The story is too old to be commented.