PS3 now 499$ @ Amazon

Sony cuts price of PS3 on eve of E3.

The price cut, effective today, brings the 60-GB PlayStation 3 to $499, which puts it more in the range of the Xbox 360, which sells for $399 for a 20-GB version or $479 for a 120-GB model. Sony is also introducing an 80-GB PlayStation 3 console in August that will sell for $599 with a free copy of the racing game MotorStorm.

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Blankman4032d ago

lets see how the sales go from now

Excalibur4032d ago

O.K. we know the PS3 got a $100.00 price cut but do we really need a link for every place that cuts it?

HokieFan4032d ago

Obviously the PS3 price cut is big news, but do we seriously need to approve a link to buy it on Amazon? How is this news?

Syko4032d ago

They need the 20 gig version for $399. That would have made a difference. IMO

Vojkan4032d ago

Can i from Europe order PS3 from Amazon(US price)?

Rims4032d ago

It's number 6 now & KICKED THE ELITES ASS TO NUMBER 26!