Proposed Legislation: Don't Game & Drive

If you crash while playing Burnout Legends on your PSP, do you crash in real life?

The question comes to mind as GamePolitics looks at some video game legislation that might actually make sense, for a change.

As reported by the Elimira Star-Gazette:

"Proposed bills in 12 states, including New York and Pennsylvania, would forbid drivers from playing video games or using their computers and fax machines.

The legislation is a natural progression from outlawing the use of hand-held cell phones by drivers… The intent of the legislation… is to cut down on the distractions that drivers create for themselves when operating electronic devices…

The New York Senate… unanimously passed a bill outlawing such electronics just before adjourning. The Senate bill, S634-C, has been referred to the Assembly Codes Committee…"

While GamePolitics generally thinks legislating video games is bad, so is distracted driving.

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ReconHope3846d ago

and now this. dont they have better things to deal with ? like the crazy murder rate in philadelphia 4 example?

Double-Edged3846d ago

Dont go outside after playing GTA.


MyNutsYourChin3846d ago

Um, well yea. Why the hell would I be playing my DS Lite while I'm driving? If I am playing it while I'm driving I deserve some sort of reprimand or punishment.

I'm confused about the argument here. When one is driving a car they should be driving a car, NOT playing a video game or talking on their cell phones. In my opinion, if you get caught doing it then you deserve the consequences...and God forbid you hurt anyone in the process.

Syko3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

First my Porn, now my video games?! What can I do while driving? F'ing Fascists.

cdzie13846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

You mean don't drive a car while playing a video game? And we call this a free country? And I can't fax either? What the heck, I just had a new fax machine put in my dashboard!

What laws are next? “Don’t shower while driving a car”, “Don’t use a treadmill while driving a truck” or “Don’t play DDR while on a scooter?”

I hate to admit it, but the terrorists have won…

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