U.S. Army Gets Ambushed Over Gears of War

Can the U.S. Army be faulted for including the uber violent Xbox 360 hit Gears of War in a recruitment-oriented video game tournament?

Raw Story takes the Army to task for adding Gears to the roster of titles for the Army Gaming Championships, a ladder event which kicked off on the 4th of July.

The Raw Story feature makes specific mention of GoW's chainsaw bayonet:

"The Army is sponsoring a tournament featuring one of the most graphically violent video games every produced. Players will be rewarded tens of thousands of dollars in prizes from the military for chainsaw massacres of opponents, whose deaths are stunningly illustrated…

The venture provides the Army another avenue to reach tech-savvy recruits - though participants must be willing to be contacted by an Army recruiter - as it struggles to maintain its ranks in the fifth year of the Iraq war…

Army officials "looked very carefully at the games recommended," [Army spokeswoman Louise] Eaton said. While including M-rated games initially "gave us pause," Eaton said they were OK'd because the tournament is only open to players age 17 and up…"

Others games in the Army tournament include Command & Conquer 3, Resistance: Fall of Man, Call of Duty 3, and, of course, America's Army.

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snoop_dizzle3881d ago

the chainsaw machine gun is the best gun in a while!
Hopefully they can top it off in Gears of War 2.

But anyways this competition sounds pretty cool.

Umbrella Corp3881d ago

wish i could join teh tornament but i wanna go to colledge before i join teh army.

darktangent3881d ago

Free advertising for the army. This we score them some cool points.

Komrad3881d ago

JOINED THE ARMY achievement award to unlock!

Tsalagi3881d ago

More like "Going to Iraq to get shot" achievement.

okcomputer3881d ago

So.. these idiots think its ok for contestants to go over to Iraq and kill actual people, but not ok for them to play a violent video game? In what alternate universe does this make any sense at all?

Tsalagi3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

I hope this gets thrown back in every holy than thou politicians face the next time they mention that games encourage violent behavior and that they need to be banned.

We can't handle playing them because they might corrupt us, but the army can use them to trick kids into joining up. Lame.

Edit: This isn't meant to insult anyone in the armed forces. I was just merely pointing out the hypocrisy of it.

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