Darksiders revealed; first screens

First screenshots reveals action-adventure game from THQ Darksiders for next-gen systems. Darksiders looks like a post-apocalyptic mix between Zelda and God of War.

More screens at source.


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MK_Red3879d ago

This is a game that I was sold with the mention of its name in GameInformer and by seeing these screens, its seems that I have to add it to my top 10 most anticipated games.
Seriously awesome find, thanks. (I wanted to see something of this game but thought I had to wait for days to see a glimpse of it but never thought I would see them less than 12 hours!)

sticky doja3879d ago

If its anything like Zelda or GoW count me in.

ReconHope3879d ago

is the best one, i wish the site was in English though.

DreDawgg063878d ago

Darksiders is a game where you it include moet against monsters and demonen. The game has firstly what way of the famous God or War-serie, but differed himself in his apart style. Not only you go to work with a sword, but it is also possibly to use shotguns. So is available there in particular a minigun with which you without problems opponents on gort can slams.

Over opponents spoken, the leading character receives from everything for his chooses. Of flying monsters till enormous giants from hoorn - - it does not refrain but having this demonen. Consequently you have then also different weapons in the game stuff the player yourself along can turn.

Moreover is Darksiders vormgegeven by a gothic atmosphere whereby especially can be paid attention on detail. So your churches with enormous pillars visited, ingestorte walls and other locations. It rabble can come however of all possible sides, it is so case to pay attention well during your adventures. The leading character possesses not only the forces in order to shoot with shotguns and it lop with his close-combat weapons, but can too once with his forces enormous objects wegsmijten, under which for example buses.


This game looks like it may be able to challenge Devil May Cry's style of play.

Looking foward to this one.