Cosplay Babe of the Week is Mina Majikina from Samurai Shodown

GFB writes: "It's Thursday, which on our new schedule means it's time for the Cosplay Babe of the Week. This week we went with a classic from the Samurai Shodown series from SNK/Playmore. Mina Majikina gets this week's honor and after checking her out I think we can all agree she was a very good choice."

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vgn242480d ago


VG_Releaser2480d ago

I wouldn't kick her out of bed. Sexay!

vgn242480d ago

you got that right. Not a single one of them

BattersUp2480d ago

Fapping material acquired. She is bad ARSE

gfgdfg2480d ago Show
BattersUp2480d ago

It's like bang the drum slowly, but in this case the drum is a chick.

BeaRye2480d ago

I love the boobs o_0 but mina has white hair

GunShotEddy2480d ago

Some of the girls have white hair. But to be honest I would take the chick without the white wig on (One in the pic above). She is FINE!

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