80GB PS3 Does NOT Have PS2 Hardware

Everyone knows the current US version of the PS3 has the built in PS2 hardware for backwards compatibility, where the European version does not. Well, the rest of the world looks to be getting the shaft with the 80GB version of the PS3.

Check out the zoomed and rotated image from the 80GB PS3 pack-shot sent to Loot Ninja by Sony. If you can't read it, here's what it says:

"This product has limited backward compatibility with PlayStation and PlayStation 2 format software."

The box for the current US 60GB PS3 doesn't say that. Reading further (text is hard to read here) shows that system software updates will enable more titles for the 80GB PS3.

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aiphanes3847d ago

Get your PS3 now, you will still have the first gen PS3 with built in PS2 chips...

But remember sony will still update the firmware every month to make PS2 software compatibility better each month...

drunkpandas3847d ago

There's still some pretty big issues with major titles with the European PS3. It's always better to go with hardware emulation if possible. I'm sure the removal of the PS2 hardware is a big portion of why we're seeing a price cut.

TriggerHappy3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

this is reasonable, they are cutting cost and *might* be adding the shockaxis as well so seems reasonable to me.

EDIT: A much better image of the box

FreeMonk3847d ago

I don't think that the absence of the PS2 Hardware to be replaced with PS2 Software Emulation would cost that much, especially with the amount of consoles they mass produce.

I just think it's easier and quicker for Sony to produce a console without those PS2 hardware chips, and quicker to just use the a software option.

Also remember that all European consoles use the PS3 Software, and the price is more expensive then most regions across the world, and it's likely (according to sources), that Europe will also get a price drop.

I just think it's been taken out for a speedy production time, not a cost issue.

Salvadore3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

The consoles in the future will probably come without the PS2 hardware.

aiphanes3847d ago

Sony will still tweak the firmware to get close to 90 percent compatibility with PS2\PS1 software...

If the rumble sixaxis is included with the new PS3s in August and they sale is for no more than $49 for us existing owners than I am all for these new updates.

Rockstar3847d ago

They started pulling the PS2 hardware out of the 60 gig models awhile back so why would they then put it back in for the 80 gig model?

Watkins3847d ago

Exactley. This is so far from news. Everyone should've known this.

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The story is too old to be commented.