This Year's Most Anticipated Games

IGN Entertainment's GamerMetrics, the video game industry's leading business intelligence tool, revealed today that this year's most anticipated games are…

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TriggerHappy3998d ago

Grand theft Auto definitely had to make the list. Halo 3 no doubt about that. Assassin's Creed, definitely looking forward to that.

FreeMonk3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

There are soooooo many A-Class games that are coming out within the next 6 months, it's going to be great for whatever console you own.

Here's my top 10 list, in no particular order (If anyone cares!):

Bioshock (X360 / PC)
Smash Bros Brawl (Wii)
Heavenly Sword (PS3)
Halo 3 (X360)
Rock Band (X360 / PS3 / Wii)
Mass Effect (X360)
Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3)
Legend of Zelda - Phantom Hourglass (DS)
Grand Theft Auto 4 (X360 / PS3)
Assassin's Creed (X360 / PS3)

Bioshock is my most anticipated title, just looks amazing.

There is one more that I am looking forward to but leaving off my list until I see the actual ingame stuff which is Killzone. If it matches the E3'05 trailer, then it will jump straight on the list.

Greysturm3998d ago

Although for me Bioshock wouldnt mae the top 10 maybee 11 or twelve. I am a sucker of the NSGR (New shiny graphics effect) as the next poster on this site but for me a FPS without multiplayer is saying something like an adventure game without puzzles. It might be innovative and what not but the reason all fps that i can remeber stayed in my mind have more to do with their multiplayer than their singleplayer. So i probably would replace it for warhawk or lair if it actually proves to be that good. ¿question which one will be removed from your top 10 if you added killzone?

FreeMonk3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

was to be added to my Top 10, and 1 of my current picks knocked off, it'd probably have to be Mass Effect.

Don't get me wrong, Mass Effect look awesome, but from a personal point of view, with my Job, family and keeping the missus happy I'd probably not be able to get into the game as much as I'd like to. It looks pretty massive in scale with probably around 50-100 hrs worth of gameplay (complete estimate!), time I haven't got!

As for Lair, I'm still not sure because although it looks pretty, I'm hoping for something more that what I've seen. It looks a lot like Panzar Dragoon in it's approach without the rails. I'll have to try it first before I can make a proper opinion.

As for Warhawk, looks great, but I'm not a big fan of Flight Sim Shooters. I'd give that a go as well though!

Bioshock on the other hand looks awesome and will get my cash even without the MP experience. Yeah, it will lack in longitivity without the MP experience, but it justs looks sooooo pretty and awesome. I think what is doing it for me is that this is going to be the first FPS which you decide how the game plays out. Multi ways to take the levels on, do you kill the little sisters or save them etc. Something I've yet to see in a FPS!

Greysturm3998d ago


The add note that the ps3 lineup is flawed was a clear giveaway. I agree that halo is probably gonna be the most sold game of the year (unless we count wii sports :) ) simply on install and fan base but there are titles for the ps3 that look excellent as well and more than capable to fight bioshock and too human. Gta is Gta, Madden however didnt expect it.

okcomputer3998d ago

Yea I agree with that "flawed" comment being pretty biased. While theres no doubt at all that the current ps3 lineup is pretty weak, the upcomming slate of titles for fall/winter of 07 can match up just fine to the 360's. Of course halo 3 is the heavy hitter, but while bioshock and mass effect look promising, theres no guarantee they'll be killer aps in their own right. I'd say lair, warhawk, socom, heavenly sword and uncharted is a great upcomming linup and can hold its own against what the 360 has comming up for fall/winter.

MyNutsYourChin3998d ago

I didn't expect Madden to be on the list but then again I'm not one of the people who buys into the Madden series of games. I preferred the 2K sports series much more than Madden.

the_round_peg3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

C'mon, photorealistic flight sim, customizable and upgradeable air fighters, and multiplayer dogfights for 32 players. Nobody else wants that?

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