Video Head-to-Head: The Darkness

Sony and Microsoft clash once again.

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CyberSentinel3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

There you have it lemmings. (although by that badly compressed video you wouldn't know it) Another better game on the 360 then the ps3. Sony only wants to compare first party games, because they are exclusive, and therefore no copy can be critiqued.

@4.2: I guess you believe IGN is on the payroll as well, correct?
It's all a conspiracy!

Blind Lemming.

hikikimori3937d ago

Although comparisons blow, your completely wrong on this a$$hole. THis is crap quality video and you can still tell the ps3 one is better.
Which screen has real blacks? The PS3. Which screen as crappy green puke colored blacks? The RedRing360.

the_round_peg3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

The bias at GameTrailers is subtle, but it's there.

So far, GameTrailers is the ONLY site that shows The Darkness PS3 have better graphics than The Darkness 360. ALL OTHER reviews show 360 has better graphics.

HowarthsNJ3937d ago

is it not?

They created this to get more people to subscribe. It's meant to be flame-bait to pull you in and pay for their service.

Don't take it too seriously either way. The game looks great on both consoles.

i Shank u3937d ago

gave you + feedback man, well said. looking at video on the internet compared to playing it on a good HD screen is pretty pointless; not the same thing. and in the end its PS3 and 360, systems with good grphx so theres no worries.

unbiased3937d ago

I have played this game on both systems and I could swear it looks better on PS3. I'm not beaing a fanboy just honest.

Anyway I did some background checking on IGN. IGN is owned by gamespy
yes its the same gamespy that had a big role in making XBOX LIVE! also many other deals with Microsoft they have shaken hands with in the past here is just one link.

HowarthsNJ3937d ago

Check out these reviews paying close attention to the multiplayer comments:

Could it be that one of them is dishonest in their multiplayer report?

Just something to consider I guess.

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xg-ei8ht3937d ago

Its quite hard to tell, i've seen a few videos of them side by side, and most of time they look, the same.

From what i've seen, the ps3 has better Lighting.

unbiased3937d ago

"Our long-term partnership with Microsoft offers a terrific opportunity for GameSpy to work closely with their top-notch teams, enhancing the online gameplay experience across their product line."

that's the IGN owners.

I smell somthing fishy here.


Razzy3937d ago

CyberSentinel does since he is obviously on Microsoft's payroll. ;)

Greysturm3937d ago

And frankly there is nothing on all videos i have seen that dictate a clear winner so for all intent and purposes of the average gamer PS3 version= Xbox version graphics wise and with:
Online 360>PS3 (barely for this game in particular adding p2p lag and psn lack of XMB)
Game content ps3>360 (but who cares its just more movies on tv and stuff)

I declare it a tie now keep on flaming guys good luck.

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The story is too old to be commented.