PS3 to 'Carry' Sony for 10 years

PS3 may have got off to a slow start but that doesn't matter, according to SCE America president and CEO Jack Tretton, who says PS3 will have a 10-year life-cycle and doesn't need to win over everyone at once.

In an interview with USA Today, Tretton explained how Sony went the whole hog with PS3. "The decision we could have made a couple years ago was to make a PlayStation 2.5, put it out at an attractive retail price point, move the bar marginally from a technology standpoint and buy ourselves a couple years of additional prosperity."

"To be perfectly honest with you," he continued, "I think that is a bit of what we are competing with".

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rusgreim3967d ago

This is such short-sighted idealism.

In THREE years the Cell processor will be old news and outpowered by a newer and more powerful Nintendo or xBox product.

Staking your claim on one product for 10 years while the competition is planning a new product in half that time is bad news and thats just simple basic business strategy, no fanboyism.

pwnsause3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

the cell could be outdated in 3 years, but look at the PS2, still going strong since launch day year 2000, pretty incredible right??? its true they would come out with the PS4 5 or 6 years into the PS3s life, but we already seen evidence on how long a sony system lasts, we seen it with the PS1, where now seeing it with the PS2 and we will contunue seeing it with the PS3

Violater3967d ago

PS2 says Hello,
Wii kicking everyone's ass (in sales) says Hi.
Its going to be about the massive library of games in 3 years.
And really do you think they will be sitting on their hands in 10 years or be releasing the PS4 in 10 years??
Wise up.

ChronoTrigger873967d ago

I completely agree with you guys. People seem to think that just because something is outdated by graphics it can NOT sell. That is a great misconception amongst us gamers. Look at Crysis as an example. The game looks incredible, so much so, that people label it as the best graphics powerhouse around. Yet the requirement for it will be incredible and you will see soon that the sales of Crysis will be tiny compared to games like harry potter or some other crap.

I would also like to point out that we are already seeing devs complaining about finance issues with next-gen consoles... how do you think they will react to the costs for the next xbox or ps4?

this is why i believe that the ps3 will last a good 7-9 years.

i Shank u3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

hell yea it will be outdated, and realistically, i dont want to be playing the same system for 10 yrs. thats lame. new systems in 4-5 years makes for more fun and innovation, new controllers, etc.if sony doesnt release PS4 until 2016(10 years after PS3).....hah no way thats gonna happen. PS3 was 6 years after PS2, not 10. About PS2 being strong, that is because it is affordable everyone; $600 PS3 is not, no system has ever found great success at that price. If the Ps3 was released at $300, Ps2 sales prob. would be down and PS3 sales would jump thru the roof.

the worst3967d ago

in 10 years we will see
xbox720, xbox720elite
then an xbox1080, xbox1080elite

Azurite3967d ago

Didn't think people still didn't understand what was being said here.

Yes, the PS3 will be supported and sold for 10-years.
But so was PS and so will PS2 be, all they're actually saying is that they will follow the same pattern.

It does -not- mean it'll take them 10-years to release a new console.

reaperxciv3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

a ps3 should cost about 129.95 or by the rate it's going...79.95

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snoop_dizzle3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

last but yes as far as tech goes, it will probably be outdated.

As for bluray, chances are an even more powerful format will come out. But hey for games now, most PS3 games don't even use most of the space aside from possibly MGS4 and FF. So bluray for a format is good for now.

Once we get into higher resolutions though we might need a new format, but that would prob be the PS4.

Violater3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

That after this format we will move closer to digital distribution, soon we will be streaming true HD.
Disks will become a thing of the pass in the next 10-15 yrs.

Ohh and for the disagree Bot your days are numbered.

pwnsause3967d ago

anyway, we dont really need another format to overcome blu-ray, we are going to see those 200gb BD discs in the future wont we, Thats why I believe discs and digital distribution will co-exist with each other, we are still seeing it in the audio CD market.

snoop_dizzle3967d ago

will also be a big contender as well.

BubblesDAVERAGE3967d ago

I would say it is future proof..look at games like R&C for the first year of the system its amazing how the game looks....

ChronoTrigger873967d ago

near pixar quality. dont ya think?

Odion3967d ago

Ok guys i want to bring up two HUGE factors that have changed.

1. THe Cell can already be out preformed by a high end Duel Core or a low end Quad core, just to give you an example Crysis is the top tier of 1 core CPU's.

2. The PS1 and PS2 had a complete domination of the market, they had no real competion whats so ever, so of course their products are going to last longer. But now, with both Nintendo and MS taking a sizeable chunk out of their pie, the life of the PS3 is going to be shorter

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