First MX vs ATV Untamed 360 and PS3 screenshots

THQ today announced that MX vs ATV Untamed will be speeding on to the Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii, DS, PS2 and PSP in January 2008. The game promises larger, more populated open-world environments and an X-cross career mode showcasing all eight vehicles and the all-new EnduroCross mode.

EnduroCross uses the game's cutting-edge Rhythm Racing physics engine, pitting gamers against obstacles such as logs, rocks and mud pits. Opencross mode will allow players to tear through treacherous trails against other vehicles and the stadium-based Supercross mode makes a return. All of the modes will be available to play online.

Developed by Rainbow Studios, MX vs ATV Untamed will feature supercharged next-gen racing action, with throttle-based power slides, near upside-down whips and scrubs at full speed.

You can see the first screens of the game here, more screens at source.

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MyNutsYourChin3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

This looks like it could have some good offroad excitement. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be junk on the Wii.

...I'm also waiting for a "next gen" Excite Bike for the Wii! I'd love that...

InMyOpinion3939d ago

This feels sooo last gen...