Calling out the integrity of the E3 Game Critics Awards

This article talks about how media journalists and large news organizations do the consumer an injustice by having this award ceremony.

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nirwanda3880d ago

doom 3 introduced normal mapping to gameing which was very advanced for the time so it did deserve it's awards assassins creed and bioshock have been the big winner recently and does anyone think they are going to be less than great to be fair to the journalists they can only judge what they see.
what does this guy want them to say 'well we saw alot of games over the last 3 day and none of them are finished so we ain't going to tell you how good they are'

prayforjoejoe3880d ago

I have a beef with is article because he just sounds like a pissed off little fan boy. Look, have you been to e3? Have you played a lot of the games that these journalists have played? Did you get invited to any special closed-doors events? Come on, of course you havent. You take a journalists word for it because they are there to hold the values of truth and knowledge to the consumer. We arent at the event, so I take the word of these guys based on the fact that they have been coming back to this event year after year. Yes he makes a valid point about the games not being fully explored and understood before the final release, but quite honestly I dont expect the journalists to do that until the game is RELEASED! Stop complaining that your WoW game never got awarded: look how great it did! These awards are not affirmations of the games as they are at all time, they are hopes for the future. WoW lacked that sort of appeal to original reviewers because they didnt see the point of it, and the graphics are left to be said. Games that show promise are awarded these merits because the journalists know that the games arent finished! They game Killzone an award because even if it was a CGI video, it still showed promise that this was a step in the right direction for video games. I understand his argument, but I think he is giving these awards way more power than they really have. In fact, I have rarely known someone to buy a game soley on the award slapped to the outside. The real truth is, most gamers do their research about games, they know what looks cool and what might be crap. In other words, REAL gamers arent that stupid.