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Submitted by graciousd 2133d ago | news

Stig Asmussen: What really happens to Kratos at the end of God of War 3

Most of us have been wondering what really happened to Kratos at the end of God of War 3. The interview with Stig from the French official PlayStation magazine tells us about it.

Spoiler alert!!!! (God of War 3, PS3)

Icyhot  +   2133d ago
It's left on a cliffhanger like every other GOW game.... Hopefully we will see Kratos another time in another GOW game.

@Below:I thought 1 ending itself couldn't be explored further and was it, but look how they returned with 2 making it even more compelling.. So I expect the same in the future. SM really doesn't know what to do AT THE MOMENT and they don't want to let go of such an epic IP (which is understandable) so I don't blame them ending it like the way it did. It ended the trilogy, but opened more prospect for the future... Let your imagination run wild :)
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graciousd  +   2133d ago
I believe most of us don't want to see the end of Kratos... however, GoW3 does really close the trilogy. GoW4 might not feature Kratos (as a main character indeed).
lociefer  +   2133d ago
would it kill them to make the epilogue with a *conclusive* ending
beardpapa  +   2133d ago
I don't remember the ending well. It's been two weeks probably since I last played. But in the end before the camera shifts to the ocean, you see a trail of blood leading to the edge [of the cliff]. I'm assuming this is Krato's blood. Did he crawl away to fall off? Also, what appears to be a symbol of a bird or eagle where the blood is. Does that represent Zeus?

Anyway, it'd be interesting if anyone can piece together what the two means since the camera shifts from that bird-like engraving following the blood trail than pans to the ocean. It must be important if they directed the camera to pan in those ways.
captain-obvious  +   2133d ago
if you played GOW3 and finished the game the behind since clips movies well unlocked
stig him self in one of those say that he is not finished with GOW but he is putting the series to rest for now
and sure well come back to it later on
now all of you remember this, the end of the trilogy
dose NOT mean the end of GOW series
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Danteh  +   2133d ago
What I didn't like about this GOW was actually the "sentimental" story, all that Pandora and hope sh!t.

When I played GOW I or II, one of the aspects that I liked was the 1-dimensional personality of Kratos. He was always angry, furious,and that's it, you knew that whenever you found a new character, he was ALWAYS going to die :P

I found that quite hilarious and thought that in a way it defined the franchise..... so hearing Kratos say "Pa-pandoraaaa, noooooooooooooo", dunno, didnt feel right

Apart from that yeah the gameplay is vastly improved and the graphix.... well :D
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topdawg122  +   2133d ago
They should start a new story in the same world, but with a new main character. Then at the end you confront the destroyer of Gods as the last boss..... Kratos!
badz149  +   2133d ago
that doesn't explain anything
but the end definitely intended to open path for a new game in the series! don't know if we'll ever see Kratos again though
jessupj  +   2133d ago
If you payed attention to the cut scenes during the game I think it's more then likely Kratos' brother will star in the next game and it will basically ential his revenge on Kratos. Now that Hades is dead he'll have the strength to escape the underworld.

The thing that gives it away the most is after you've impaled Zeus and Kratos is transported to this dark dream world. After you fall in the water voices from Kratos' past can be heard. Most of the voices are from characters in the game, but there was one that stood out. It was Kratos' brother and he said "brother! don't leave me again! arrrhh!". Well it was along those lines anyway. Go back to the game and pay close attention at that part.
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Delive  +   2133d ago
It would be cool if his brother
became the new ruler of Hades and came and got Kratos to extract revenge, only to have you play as Kratos and escape this new Hades and defeat your brother.
beardpapa  +   2133d ago
well yea... great if his brother becomes the next character...

But [all] the gods are dead. If not possibly mortal. Without Zeus is the end of them all according to Athena in GoW2. It'd be interesting to see the other gods, Artemis has to be alive since the moon was up, what about Apollo? I never finished up COO so I don't know if they're already kaput.

And even if his brother becomes the next character, exactly what "revenge" are you talking about? From my interpretation, that 'fear' world Kratos was in allowed him to forgive himself.

It has to be something else. And the phoenix that MariusElijah kindly identified. That has to mean something. It'd be silly if Santa Monica & Friends put that there for decoration purposes.
Redrum059  +   2133d ago
i wanna kill that hoe Athena, he better still be alive
starvinbull  +   2133d ago
If there are no gods and no Kratos then surely they should let it rest.

The whole point of the game is that Kratos finally gives up his quest and decides not to continue killing beyond Zeus's death.

To bring him back now would reek of cash in.
xXRight3yeXx  +   2133d ago
So wait, this guy interviewed one insider and the insider said that he doesn't know. Wow, this is news.
drummerx2709  +   2133d ago
Stig: "It's an ending with an opening"
Well, there's your answer right there! There will be another GoW game but they're still trying to decide on what to do with the story after (or before?) the trilogy. I think it'll be about the story of a new character instead of Kratos.
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cayal  +   2133d ago
Atlantis would be awesome.

They wanted to use Atlantis but it was cut from God of War 2. It is definitely possible that Atlantis could be used as a full game.
drummerx2709  +   2133d ago
Thats a good idea. Even PSLS brought that up.

lokiroo420  +   2133d ago
I can see Kratos returning only to be avenged by his own son, in another era in time, middle ages,Roman, modern.
Kratos Spartan  +   2133d ago
*minor spoiler*
Kratos has killed the Gods, handed some titans their asses, caved in Hercules face and destroyed the Sisters of Fate. You simply cannot get more badass than that. Period. His son better bring the pain hardcore to the brain...
lokiroo420  +   2133d ago
Kratos has been known to mingle with the ladies, he has to have a son, and if kratos returns, his son will be his undoing like cronos and zeus.
Kratos Spartan  +   2133d ago
while I agree
It's just hard to imagine someone taking Kratos down, is it not? Even if it was his own son.
rucky  +   2133d ago
Shouldn't he have had bore a child with Aphrodite? I mean that could be the whole point of their scene.
Cernunnos  +   2133d ago
He didn't really answer anything XD
drummerx2709  +   2133d ago
That's because he's not entirely sure about anything yet
Mo0eY  +   2133d ago
By Zeus' balls!
andyps3style  +   2133d ago
how about this
a new god of war game a new charicter, and one of the last bosses is kratos :P
drummerx2709  +   2133d ago
Yea but the only one who can kill Kratos one lol
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Cernunnos  +   2133d ago
I guess the game will have a tragic ending in which the main character dies then... :D
JRisburning  +   2133d ago
I'm not sure if you guys remember, but do you not remember when Zues was told by HERA, that "you should of chose the other one". Now, I'm pretty sure it wasn't Hercules, and I am pretty sure it was his brother. Idk, just speculation..... :D
air1  +   2133d ago
if im not mistaken hercules is his brother.... did kratos have another brother?
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Kratos Spartan  +   2133d ago
son of Zues. It is his brother.
LordMarius  +   2133d ago
Kratos does have another brother that resides in Hades
air1  +   2133d ago
really? who? did i miss a cameo or something?
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2133d ago
I'm wondering who's his other brother also.
cayal  +   2133d ago
If I remember correctly, his brother was not worthy of being a Spartan and they were separated at a young age.
fan_of_gaming  +   2133d ago

Zeus wasn't told that by Hera, he was told by Gaia. Hera was already dead when that line was spoken.
dawgsfan117  +   2133d ago
He has another brother
His other brother was killed as a child and then grew up in Hell. When you are in the underworld you find a note from somebody that speaks about their brother who abandoned them and then went on to kill a god. Its presumed this is from Kratos brother. Then of course there is Gaia's line about how Zues should have chosen the other one.
TheTwelve  +   2133d ago
Don't you see the God of War 3 sales?
Kratos lives for another game, believe you me.

anonilir  +   2133d ago
Why not make a new trilogy in some other mythology
I think it would be pretty cool if they left the world of greek mythology and used some other mythology, there are a bunch of good ones to choose from, egyptian, norse, celtic, chinese etc.
mistajeff  +   2133d ago
egyptian would be amazing
mistajeff  +   2133d ago
**gow3 spoilers in my comment**

That's good, I liked the ending. I wouldn't have liked it if Kratos was definitively dead, but I can't really picture an outcome I would've liked where he was definitively alive, either. The ending was just right, for me. It didn't blow me away or anything like Assassin's Creed 2 or MGS4, but I thought it fit well.

I like the trilogy closed. I really want a new God of War game, but I don't want God of War "4". The gameplay mechanics also sealed the trilogy as a whole, and I'd like to see the next GOW game take a big step forward. Figure out a creative way to ditch the qte's, yet still keep those amazing finishers interactive. Maybe have the finishers branch based on the player's input while still forcing the player to react to things.. or something. I'd like to control the camera in non-combat sections, maybe they could do the controls more like Arkham Asylum where they pull the camera back during combat (and the R stick could switch to dodge).

Dunno how I got on that tangent.. but my point is, I liked the ending.
Kratos Spartan  +   2133d ago
"Figure out a creative way to ditch the qte's, yet still keep those amazing finishers interactive"
PS Move perhaps?
mistajeff  +   2133d ago
That crossed my mind. I'm generally against motion control because of how gimmicky it is, but if they can find a cool way to do it that doesn't feel corny, I'm all for it.
graciousd  +   2133d ago
Me too. I like the ending. The story in GoW3 is very well told.
air1  +   2133d ago
i feel the exact same way, perfecting ending.. for all of it kratos and the mechanics. they dont need a complete over haul but some changes and a fresh start with someone new like his daughter maybe? move over heavenly sword lol..

and adding arkham asylem camera would be crazy.. move moments would be sick too..
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condorstrike  +   2133d ago
The interview with Stig from the French official PlayStation magazine tells us about it
wtf? stupid posts, answer the question with the same question...
it's obvious someone took his body, and probably is going to unfold into either a resurrection or someone rapping kratos body to get some power off of him and apply it to a new Hero/anti-Hero like his brother.
cody2oo  +   2133d ago
santa monica stated they have to ideas.
One is a short term project which i believe will be a launch game for the playstation move. the longer term idea, it would be cool though to see a new hero that lived after "spoiler" all the gods died and earth went to hell "end spoiler" and the game takes you trough the life of a person growing up while the earth is repairing and ideas are popping up and new people are taking power. and the last boss fight is Kratos, or at least a cameo by him. like he goes through your city when your a kid or something.
Aclay  +   2133d ago
Before I read it, I already had suspected that Stig wouldn't either confirm or deny what really happened to Kratos because the very end was the "loophole" he was talking about several weeks ago in an interview.

I'm pretty confident that Kratos will return and I hope he does...I wouldn't be surprised if the next God of War is something like Metal Gear Solid 2, where you play as the main character in the franchise while introducing a new playable character.

In MGS2 Raiden took up most of the playtime over Snake, but if Sony Santa Monica does something like this for a future GOW title, I hope they give Kratos a bit more presence/playtime in the game over a new playable character.
Gambit07  +   2133d ago
What still bothers me is the reference to the 3 Wise Men in GOW2, what was that all about? Are they trying to say Kratos will be reborn as Jesus??
Games4M - Rob  +   2133d ago
The 3 wise men might have been a reference to the 3 judges in Hades rather than Jesus.
starvinbull  +   2133d ago
It was.
AliTheBrit19  +   2133d ago
The ending of GOW3 was sooooooo disappointing :(
mxrider2  +   2133d ago
stupid brit go play your xfeefixme
Dead_Cell  +   2133d ago
Britain > You.
bjornbear  +   2133d ago
yeah but
you're all about the 360

you're whole gaming experience thus far has been disappointing, you're just sour
Nicaragua  +   2133d ago
Well I am definatly a PS3 fan and a huge GOW fan and i found the ending extremely dissapointing.

Although the core gameplay was great the story direction just didnt seem as focused as the previous games and Kratos character U-turn over Pandora was ridiculous.

Things I didnt like about GOW3 -
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Slient Knight 9  +   2133d ago
next GOW game i can see Athena as big baddie, since she wants to rule since most of the gods and titans are dead.

I believe she became corrupted from the evils from pandora's box when she died would explain afew things, and you play as kratos brother whos escaped from hades since no more hades and he's trying to find kratos for his vengeance.
Hudahudahuda  +   2133d ago
Pride (Infected Poseidon)
Wrath (Infected Hades)
Sorrow (Infected Hephaestus)
Vain-Glory/Cowardice/Deceit (Infected Helios)
Hate/Sickness (Infected Hermes)
Gluttony (Infected Hera)
Envy/Arrogance (Infected Hercules)
Vanity/Lust (Infected Aphrodite)
Fear (Infected Zeus)
Greed (Infected Athena)
stuntman_mike  +   2133d ago
i reckon in the next GOW you will have to return the earth to normal and bring back the gods and kratos will be END BOSS!

instead of the power of the gods you get the power of the titans seeing as some of them are still alive...?great idea for the title:

Solidus187-SCMilk  +   2133d ago
Thats already in GoW2.
Dtoxz  +   2133d ago
I think the end was perfect SPOILERS
I think that he truly IS alive. I also think that the demi god Deimos is his brother. I think that the spartans stand tall website is leading to either dlc or a psp spin off with this character.

Think about it, he has the potential to be quite pissed at Kratos. He killed his father Ares and banged his mother Aphrodite. He has every reason to be angry at Kratos.

As far as Hercules goes, he's just another sibling of Zeus. Zeus is the father of MANY children so it's safe to say that despite being Kratos' brother, he's NOT the brother that everyone is talking about.

Watch a video on the GOW collection called "birth of the beast" if you don't already know, it gets you a silver trophy.

Stop bashing Ali the Brit because his opinion differs from yours. Maybe he was expecting more from the game. That doesn't mean he's an xbox fanboy!
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CryWolf  +   2133d ago
Kratos is still alive going to Atlantis cause that where his brother is guys the king of atlantis, think about it his younger brother wants revenge for letting him die as a child.
alphakennybody  +   2133d ago
my opinion.*SPOILER*
1)his brother the one who got separated at childhood, becomes the underworld ruler(in the secrets vid in GOW 1, he changed into a demon).He might have dragged Kratos down in hell as we saw his blood trail at the end.maybe we might play as kratos again and maybe he will really get his peace.

2) With Athena still present and hope( the power she seeked but lost to kratos) still loose, somehow got into Kratos' brother.
-*we might play as his bother to fight athena from taking over the world or
-** play another person that athena will brainwash and use as a pawn(just like Kratos) and try to get it back from Krato's brother.
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rezzah  +   2133d ago
Great cant wait to see who it really is, I doubt its Kratos. Hope it is his bro if they plan to use him in the story at all.
valanceer  +   2133d ago
well all the gods are dead but athena still lingers about.... is she really god?!?!!? =o
alphakennybody  +   2133d ago
She became something more powerful than a god but she lost the her power to kratos.
rezzah  +   2133d ago
I was saying the samething cause shes like some higher person than a god now so like wth lol.
Darth Stewie  +   2133d ago
Aphrodite still lives.
The_Zeitgeist  +   2133d ago
Well whatever they do I will be happy just as long as I never have to go to Hatie again. It's not that I didn't enjoy my time there. But three times is enough. At least they changed it up after the first.
JonnyBigBoss  +   2133d ago
Very interesting.
NeloAnjelo  +   2133d ago
I couldn't disagree less. Kratos may be brutal, but his personality is anything but one dimesional. We saw him in the main driven by hate, vengance and anger. However in Chains of Olympus Kratos gave up seeing his daughter again, and a life in paradise to save humanity. Is this not similar to his actions at the end of GOW3?

See at the end Kratos sees the truth... He has always been a pawn. Used by Ares to commit horrible acts of War, Used by the Gods to Kill Ares, Used by the Titans to kill the Gods, and last but not least, used by Athena (the Godness of Wisdom) in the end to gain the power that Kratos gave to mankind. Pandora reminded him of his daughter... and why should he stand by and watch a young girl sacrifice herself in his quest for revenge? Similar to (this he didn't know would happen) losing his daughter as a result of pledging himself to Ares.

Yes he did cry out to be saved, for his enenmies to be destroyed, but at what price? His family? His humanity? His life, and maybe ultimately his eternity in Elisyum? Maybe his sacrifice saved him... but anyone that know the GOW story and the character knows that Kratos is not just a Brute. He was general who commanced many followers, that grew in number, he has great leadership skills. He is always well spoken, strong-willed and a tactican in battle.

He is what the Gods made him... or rather what was left after being used.
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Games4M - Rob  +   2133d ago
All that you are saying is correct but the fact is the it was directed very sloppily in God Of War 3 so when Kratos started having his change of heart it didnt seem natural.

At no point did it show him bonding with Pandora or him seeing his own daughter in her, he simply went from a killing machine to a big blubbery vagina at the flick of a switch.
clarkdef  +   2133d ago
This is the 5th time Kratos has died, it means nothing he can go and rule the underworld as the new ruler.
andyps3style  +   2133d ago
iv said this befor and il say it again :P
a new game a new charicter ( kratos brother) not hurcules, he wants revenge on kratos for deserting him as a child u will play with this charicter and one of the last bosses if not the last boss will be kratos himself and ul get to kill him :P video on attachment of why he wants revenge on kratos

Related video
llMurcielagoll  +   2132d ago
Come to think of it
When I first saw the ending I was like NO!!!!! it didn't have to end that way, I thought it is really the last we see of Kratos. I've waited until all the credits finish and there was a scene that Kratos's body disappeared and there are some blood tracks... Then I thought OMG this guy is NOT HUMAN! how could he survive a DEEP wound like that?!

He is Truly a ghost but a powerful one. He is truly the ghost of Sparta and he WILL return in the future with an all new story and an all new Saga. I don't know if he is going to be the main character anymore but all in all, BRING IT ON GHOST OF SPARTA! I am never tired of you're epic quests!

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