New Half Life 2 Episode 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2 Screens

Valve has pulled back the lid on The Orange Box - the bundle Half Life 2: Episode 2 will ship with - a little further.

Below you'll find a bevy of Half Life 2: Episode 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2 delights, courtesy of the official website for The Orange Box.

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Capt CHAOS4148d ago

That's all I really want.

ShiftyLookingCow4148d ago

sadly that is not part of Orange Box

[offtopic] anybody here played the surf maps, it was a welcome change of pace and a mega ton of fun

Crazyglues4148d ago

Those screen shots look amazing, now my only question is PS3 or Xbox 360?

I can't wait to play this, and I'm going with which ever version looks better.

ThisIsWaiting4148d ago

Has to be one of the best overall values in gaming this holiday season.

Cant wait!

Syko4148d ago

This release is jam-packed with value. Especially for someone like me who has not played Half life 2 due to a weak GPU in my comp. I am surprised there is so little hype involved with this game, But I think it will ramp up closer to release. Plus, most people here have probably already killed it on their computer.

marcellizot4148d ago

I agree, this is waiting, if this ships at the same price point as a standard game I will jump for joy. There is enough AAA content in there to keep even the most rabid gamer busy for at least six months and the likes of me for at least a year.

I really think this will go down in gaming history as one of the best 3rd party multiplatform releases ever.

VirusE4148d ago

I hope we get more action and less goofy bounce the energy ball puzzles than ep1. I know half life 2 has great physics but come on all ready, those parts just killed the flow of the game.

Ohh yeah and PLEASE god no crappy vehicle parts that go on forever.

nobizlikesnowbiz4147d ago

Haha yea that buggy part was ridiculously long. It seemed like a realistic cross-country experience. Thats kinda why I enjoyed it. Getting out and checking out random houses was fun to me lol.

P4KY B4148d ago

I dont think TF2 has had enough attention compared to certain other games from lesser developers.
You know the games i'm talking about.

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