Tales of Symphonia Wii Confirmed?

IGN's Matt Casamassina, prestigious game journalist he is, has some trouble keeping secrets. In the latest Wii-k in Review podcast, he accidentally blurted out that Nintendo will reveal a Tales of Symphonia sequel for the Wii, and that it was targeted for the end of 2008.That's not all, he also said that an old Nintendo franchise will be restored and brought to Wii as well.

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MyNutsYourChin3940d ago

I enjoyed Tales of Symphonia for the GC, a sequel would be quite interesting to me... for an "old Nintendo franchise" being restored? I have no idea what that could be. Although it's not technically a franchise, my best guess is Kid Icarus, maybe with a new darker image and a gloomy Greek environment, almost comparable to a God of War style gameplay or perhaps even a Metroid like first person adventure.

Ooo, I have another guess, Star Tropics...wouldn't that be sweet?

ChickeyCantor3940d ago

you are not the first to think its pit/kid icarus.
and TOS2 would be effin awsome!

FreeMonk3940d ago

Games like TOS2, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy CC all for the Wii is the right move for Nintendo!

This will definatly assure that the Wii will still sell out in Japan, just because they are bonkers for RPG's, with Dragon Quest being the biggest of all of them, just look at the number of copies they sold of Dragon Quest on the DS!

Now only if MS managed to get some of these games out in Japan, then maybe they would of had a bit more of a success over there! There is always Lost Oddysey to look forward too though!