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Sony update bricks fat Playstations


"A controversial update which was seeded by Sony in order to remove the ability to run Linux on the Playstation 3 games console has caused a storm of complaints.

The 3.21 firmware upgrade, which removes the security hole provided by the 'Install Other OS' widget used by lots of educational institutions and hackers alike, also removes the console's ability to play games or connect to the Interweb according to forum posts, turning it into a very expensive doorstop." (PS3, Tech)

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Voozi  +   1608d ago
I updated to 3.21 on my fat 60GB PS3 and been working just fine *knock on wood*
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drummerx2709  +   1608d ago
Same here man
Dragun619  +   1608d ago
....So were getting reports that PS3 phats are bricking now when the update was released 5 days ago...hmm mines still working fine, haven't seen a flood of PS3 Phat complaints like the Clock issue.
Persistantthug  +   1608d ago
Sony definitely knew they were gonna see lots of complaints and litigation and such for this....
To a corp though, they look at it as an "ends justifies the means" type situation.

So, if/when the lawsuits come, I suggest you people "get yours", because they've likely already put aside the money/resources they knew it was going to cost them.

Anyways....good luck.
Death2494  +   1608d ago
attempt to get hits. If he means "bricking" as in not being able to access the PSN or some media titles that require the update then yeah. This only happens if you don't update though. My fat is working fine and i updated.
Syronicus  +   1608d ago
Updated both my PS3 60gb and my Slim and guess what?
They both work fine! OH MAH GAWD!
sorceror171  +   1608d ago
Updated my 40GB phat (since upgraded to 80GB) a couple days ago with no ill effects, aside from having my Linux partition inaccessible. (To be honest, though, I wasn't using it.)
cgoodno  +   1608d ago
Updated both of my fat PS3s without issue.
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nycredude  +   1608d ago
Sick and tired of these loser articles with no basis for their stupid accusations. i updated both my 60gb and my slim and no problem at all!
darkride66  +   1608d ago
An entire article about "Some people said on the forums."
That's a reliable source right there for ya.

If I ever get to the point when I use "what someone said on a forum somewhere" as a source for an article, someone take my game jounralism license away.

Of course, then I'd just buy another box of Cracker Jacks and get another one. :)

On a side note, both my fat PS3's are fine after the update.
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wicko  +   1608d ago
I think its safe to ignore this site from now on.. N4G needs to implement a feature where you can ignore articles from specific sites.
TheTwelve  +   1608d ago
My fat 60gb fine so far.

BannedForNineYears  +   1608d ago
My phat PS3 is fine.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   1608d ago
Now there are going to almost certainly be issues with firmware upgrades and is one of the reason why you shouldn't be upgrading it to often because there is a risk.

With that said, to dismiss issues simply because you didn't experience it is plain ignorance or fanboyism. The source points to the official Playstation forum, I mean these are the people that owns and use PS3s. You couldn't get any better source than the users reporting it themselves in public.

Now it might not be as widespread as the article suggest and some of them might not even be caused by the firmware, but it baffles me when people just plainly ignore it.

By the way, is it me or is Nintendo the only one I haven't heard any issues with firmware updates?
lociefer  +   1608d ago
please, its just big boned
ape007  +   1608d ago
mine (80G) is fine, enjoyed some gow 3
Oner  +   1608d ago
Updated to 3.21 on my 80gb B/C PS3 that actually had YDL & TheZeroGameProject ~ No Problems

Updated to 3.21 on my Slim ~ No Problems

Haven't updated to 3.21 on my launch PS3 because I want to keep YDL & TheZeroGameProject ~ But wouldn't hesitate to do so if I absolutely had to

All of my friends and family come to me as the go to guy when something "gaming" happens or if there are problems etc. And NOT one has called me with an issue with 3.21 for their PS3's...yet they STILL call me for their 360's.
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Shadow Flare  +   1608d ago
Don't we get an article like this everytime sony updates the ps3? Like with every update, its probably just 2 people's ps3s that got bricked and its made to look like a catastrophe. And my fat ps3 is also working fine
TheTwelve  +   1608d ago
Honestly, the only odd thing about the update is that my fat 60gb is QUIETER now. My PS3 lost weight. =)

Nineball2112  +   1608d ago
My fat 80GB (originally) Motorstorm PS3 has been updated and is working like a charm...
LordMarius  +   1608d ago
Im copying and pasting a comment I saw on engadget and hopefully you people do the same every time this dumb articles come up

"32 million sold.

3-5% industry avg breakdowns per year

3% of 32 million divided by 365

2600 potential breakdowns per day

Some will attribute their breakdown to the firmware update"
JackBNimble  +   1608d ago
I have a launch 60gb ps3 and I updated and haven't had any problems at all.
KillaManiac  +   1608d ago
60gb launch and it works fine after update.

This article is complete rumor website hit wannabe.

Glad i didnt bother clicking link.
man0fsteel  +   1608d ago
80 gig fat is working like a dream... as always
Canidae  +   1608d ago
Same here
Updated the other day, finished GoWIII, no issues what so ever. Though it does suck for those having issues.
Prototype  +   1608d ago
Both PS3's updated perfectly with no problems, just more "hate" articles for the "other" team
PSFan100  +   1608d ago
Mine is working just fine, if anything is "a conspiracy" it's this article.
Raz  +   1608d ago
No probs here
Odd that these code problems only affect some PS3s. You'd think they'd all be affected.

Still, we've come a long way from blowing on the cartridges, haven't we?
creatchee  +   1608d ago
Mine works fine as well, although I wish that they'd give the web browser a substantial update. Facebook still doesn't let me make posts. :(
VINNIEPAZ  +   1608d ago
My 60 Gig fatty still going strong.

and @sirwut - "What are the bubbles for?"

Just make some fanboy remarks and you will have bubbles in no time. At the moment siding with Sony will get you major bubbles. I dont side with either side as I have and love all the systems and call out stupid fanboys a lot and look how many bubbles I have, just a warning. lol
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Redempteur  +   1608d ago
no problem here ( played blazblue , played ff13 , bought games from the store )
everything works fine

got trophies too

so far the update is done and is working ..fine
Anorexorcist  +   1608d ago
Weren't there reports of PS3s bricking after the "leap-year" controversy, yet they didn't follow through?
"Many users who have elected not to install the obviously broken update are complaining that they cannot connect to the Playstation Network or play online games."

The latest update is always required to log in and play online. What leverage would Sony have to stomp out any possible misuse if people maintained the same privaledges and uses without updating? LOL, oh my god it's like these complaints are being made by damn 5-year olds who don't know anything yet.
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Ocelot525  +   1608d ago
my fat launch PS3 works fine, nothing unusual to report, a friend of mine with the fat launch sku hasn't encountered any problems either
justlu  +   1608d ago
I have a fatty 60gb
and right now I'm only playing Fallout 3 so I can't comment on any other games but since the update load times have increased and the game locks up almost every time I enter or exit a building. If I wait for about 30-60s the game will unfreeze. I've had my fatty since dec 06 and have been playing Fallout 3 exclusively for the past month. Before the udpdate the game would lock up about once every 8 hours or so.
cmrbe  +   1608d ago
My fat is disconnected
Never going to update it. If there are problems and other early adopters PS3 bricks then i hope to god that Sony gets their ass sued. I will support any legal action or petition against Sony.
mastiffchild  +   1608d ago
Weak article. Every firmware update sees SOMEONE saying it bricked their console-whether it's the PS3,Wii or 360 or PSP-and I on't doubt sometimes it's even near to the truth but trying to make this out from a few isolated forum posts(and if I'd bricked my own console for some reason of my own making I would be happy enough if a reason I could blame it on happened along, no? What's to stop someone who already had PS3 issues from blaming it on this? None-and I feel it often happens that a couple of genuine worries get jumped on by people hoping they can blame the manufacturers for their own failings.

Anyway, this certainly isn't an epidemic by any stretch of the imagination and doesn't really represent much in the way of news.
sikbeta  +   1608d ago
Here Goes: "Da Conzpiraziez theoriez"

"Sony is bricking PS3 fatties in order to "vanish" those models and every owner will buy a Slim without that Feature and by that no hackz... Muahahahaha!!!"


There are more possible "factors" that can Help to Fvck up The Fatties Models, like DUST and No Good ventilation or stuff like that rather than a Conspiracy Theory
dc1  +   1608d ago
My Fat and Slim work fine ...
As well as the many 'Fat' owners on this site.
Where is this information coming from........
lokiroo420  +   1608d ago
So how long before we have "geohots cfw bricks ps3's" articles?
Jacobite  +   1608d ago
Mine works fine and I have a launch 60gig (touch wood lol)
captain-obvious  +   1608d ago
this is fake as hell
80 gigs big boy OG in here
running fine
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1608d ago
Looks like some on the forums...
are finding a resolution to the issue. Hopefully this will blow over like 2/29. I wonder why it only affected these people. They had another OS installed, use Folding@Home?
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xabmol  +   1608d ago
My internet browser seems to be locking up more frequently since the update.

But everything else is just fine!

kunit22c  +   1608d ago
thats cool either people are falsely reporting or this is all just one big lie..
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adlt  +   1608d ago
My launch 60GB says Hello :)
Sunny_D  +   1608d ago
I call this story fake and whack. First of all, the update has been live since April the 1st. So why would users complain about their PS3's dying DAYS after the update. Maybe, their PS3 were going to give out inevitably with or without the update? Why don't they think of that instead of having a scapegoat to blame?
edgeofblade  +   1608d ago
Hey, no problems here. I even backed up and redownloaded quite a bit so I could format over my linux partition.
harrisk954  +   1608d ago
These types of stories are such BS
A few PS3s have problems from the FW update and it is somehow an epidemic? I have a 60 GB launch model...NO PROBLEMS with the update... NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH ANY UPDATE.... There will always be isolated issues with any sort of firmware or software update, be it the PS3, Xbox, PC or other piece of consumer electronics.... Hell, I had my Sirius radio get f'ed up after an update...
DTClown  +   1608d ago
After doing the mandatory install to my launch 60 gig PS3, everything was fine until the next day when I turned on the PS3. After loading up to the xmb, the PS3 simply shut off. After turning it back on, same thing... it just shuts off, no beeps just a flashing red light.

I called tech support.
After speaking to someone who initially informed me that "we can fix this" issue, he soon retracted that statement and said it was a power issue and I would have to send it in for repairs @ $150.00 + s/h or trade it in on a "re-certified" slim PS3 @ $119.00 + s/h. Of course either way I would LOSE EVERYTHING on my hard drive! Unacceptable.

I decided to troubleshoot myself:
First I downloaded via PC the 3.21 update to a compact flash card. Then I forced my PS3 into safe mode. (I say forced because it took several try's due to the unit shutting off too quickly) Once in safe mode, I re-installed the 3.21 update from the CF card and WHAM...PS3 works fine again. (some power issue huh!)

Problem is, after a few days, it will happen all over again. I repeat the process to get my PS3 functioning again only to have it revert to shutting down a few days later. What up SONY? Why has my PS3 worked flawlessly since launch and the very next day after the 3.21 update my PS3 seems determined to brick. 3...2...1...brick. I think I just figured out the meaning of the 3.21 update!

Anyone else with this same issue after installing the 3.21 update?
beardpapa  +   1608d ago
still running...
INehalemEXI  +   1608d ago
60gb fatty (upgraded to 320gb) running great since launch 0 issues, after this update so far still 0 issues.
dragunrising  +   1608d ago
I updated my 40 gig. No problems. Although one example doesn't say much I doubt the issue is as widespread as the internet would have anyone believe. The most internet savvy, a minority of internet users, generally are the most loud.

Honestly though...I've never had a problem updating firmware for ANY console (knocks on wood). My former Blackberry (Storm) is probably the only exception in regards to botched firmware updates.
sid4gamerfreak  +   1608d ago
i have a fat ps3 and it works fine...
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starvinbull  +   1608d ago
60GB fat works fine. Guess I got lucky or this article is a load of balls.
boodybandit  +   1608d ago
My sexy big boned (never call a woman fat) launch 60g has no issues after the update.
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JsonHenry  +   1608d ago
I have not updated for the last two updates and was thinking about picking up God of War 3 and Heavy Rain soon. I am not going to chance an update until I get an official response from Sony.
LoVeRSaMa  +   1608d ago
I think they went to Burger king for moar straws.
lost2  +   1607d ago
mine is running just fine
Fat 120gb ps3
Da One  +   1608d ago
Mine died the day after the update
But i pretty much knew it was coming, it was acting different
Da One   1608d ago | Off topic | show
BeaArthur  +   1608d ago
My Blu-ray drive stopped working right before the update. I will be pissed if I get it back and then it won't work because of a firmware update.
PickAShoe  +   1608d ago
What are the bubbles for?
#2.3 (Edited 1608d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Max Power  +   1608d ago
determine how many times you can comment in each article, and in each zone.
Voozi  +   1608d ago
"don't take em"
Disagree ;D We will take em!
MACADOODLE  +   1608d ago
It seems to be a legit problem, not sure how widespread though. Hopefully a fix will come soon and get the affected back to gaming. Gamers shouldnt be without their games.
Biggest  +   1608d ago
What is the problem and what would be a good fix? Or shut up.
Crystallis  +   1608d ago
Mine is fine! My 60gig is rock solid...literally.
The Time Reaper  +   1608d ago
No problems here.
Surt  +   1608d ago
still have my phat,
but like old dog, it's not moving like it use. the "new" ps3 (slim) is like a pup, jumping all over the place and an attention whore. lol
jerethdagryphon  +   1608d ago
my phattiesc scratched to buggery :( damn airport staff manhandling it like they didnt know what it was...

internally; i should hover it out and it could probobly do with a gutting an rebuild to clean ports and fans
but its good

oh and fyi

phat ps3s can surrvive a dog pissing on them when there vertical...

i know that cause i repaired one with that problem.....
not nice....
red2tango  +   1608d ago
I didn't update to 3.21 mainly because it provides no features or benefits, and who knows if it could brick my PS3...it works fine on 3.15, not going to rock the boat.
SuperStrokey1123  +   1608d ago
you dont see PSN as a "benefit"? Hard to believe for someone that has socom for an avatar...
ExPresident  +   1608d ago
I've got a launch 60gb and its working fine. Oddly we are just now seeing these complaints when the update was released days ago? I doubt Sony will lose much if any money in law suits considering I read somewhere recently on the ps forums a section from the usage agreement that they can cancel some services or something at any time.
Biggest  +   1608d ago
Sony won't lose any money because the law suit thing will never happen.
Nicaragua  +   1608d ago
This article is a load of crap
maxcer  +   1608d ago
my 160 GB CECHP01 is working fine but did you look at the PS3 update forum board? i had no idea it was that bad.

Karum  +   1608d ago
"Many users who have elected not to install the obviously broken update are complaining that they cannot connect to the Playstation Network or...
Yeah, mandatory updates tend to have that effect.

Someone should really school these people.
CptBach  +   1608d ago
"Many users who have elected not to install the obviously broken update are complaining that they cannot connect to the Playstation Network o...
Karum  +   1608d ago
They included that line like the firmware causes problems with your PS3 even if you don't install it. Sony themselves even warned you wouldn't be able to do anything if you don't install it lol. It wasn't even worth including in the article lol.

I still need to install the update myself but I'm not a muppet that tries to do something with my PS3 whilst updating firmware. I hope these people are never allowed anywhere near a BIOS update!!
astar123456789  +   1608d ago
my 80 gig (500gig) work just great
SuperStrokey1123  +   1608d ago
Have it on my 40 gig and my 80 gig and no issues with either... so yeah im gonna call shens on this one.

As for the article, talk about inflamitory writting lol.
washingmachine  +   1608d ago
ive gotta fat one lol and its working just fine lol
Dtoxz  +   1608d ago
Flamebait. Just MIGHT be. You know fanboys, they tend to do this sort of thing. Not really trying to point fingers though....

My ps3 is fine though.
Karum  +   1608d ago
There is always an element of people that somehow manage to screw up updating their machines. Human error is more likely than the FW update causing machines to brick.
Wrathman  +   1608d ago
show me an update that didnt supposedly break a ps3//

can some people say coincidence?
RuPaul  +   1608d ago
I have two not so intelligent friends that bought a PS3 and both of them bricked.
Mo0eY  +   1608d ago
Show me an Xbox 360 that doesn't RRoD within two years. Coincidence?
RuPaul  +   1608d ago
I have a launch day 360 still going strong.
tobebech  +   1608d ago
I have a friends too, some with PS3 some with xbox 360. One of my friends got both, a launch 360 and a PS3 who was bought used and broke down after 3 days, he got a new for free. I got another one with only 360's, he got about 4, only 1 working. Another one with only PS3, his fat one broke down, no warranty, so he bought a slim instead.

My point? All hardware breaks down, however i think the 360 (as of now, not launch) is a bit more unstable than the PS3.
Darrius Cole  +   1608d ago
Xbox 360 hardware quality is in no way equivalent to PS3 hardware quality. An Xbox 360 is just less reliable (meaning "more likely to breakdown")than a PS3, pure and simple. That is an objective fact. That doesn't mean that a 360 is better or worse than a PS3 because reliability is not the only factor to consider. However, it is misleading to imply that a PS3 and an Xbox 360 have about the same degree of reliability.
lh_swe  +   1608d ago
You people should know that all these fanboy r-tards are attempting is to divert from their own consoles hardware issues.
And I have asked myself time and time again why!? I guess there are deeper issues at hand, either that or they really are that stupid.
Panzerkanzler  +   1608d ago
@ RuPaul: Well, I bought a launchday 360 that got replaced and later on the replacement got replaced. I then got a 60gb fatty two years ago and it's still sexing up my days and working just fine. Personal experiences are irrelevant on the greater whole, but I'm sure large scale statistics would show that it's the 360 consoles that have been the most prone to breaking down, not the ps3.
bobrea  +   1608d ago
I updated last week and my fat is doing fine.
talltony  +   1608d ago
We read the same news after every new ps update.
But my ps3 always works fine.
Eromu  +   1608d ago
Same here, my 60GB works perfectly fine. I updated and started playing on Resonance of Fate right after with no problems.
avengers1978  +   1608d ago
My 80 gig phat boy is fine...Then again every time I see a story like this my Playstation is fine.
Sunny_D  +   1608d ago
Same here man, Launch 60gb PS3 still going strong.
Panzerkanzler  +   1608d ago
Same here, my 60gb is just fine. But it would be interesting to know how many have been fugged up because of the actual update.
dkgshiz  +   1608d ago
This always happens after every PS3 update. Some annoying xbot gets butt hurt and decides to make false claims that his "Imaginary PS3" broke. Give it up xbots.
maxcer  +   1608d ago
your right, look at em all!
mcnablejr  +   1608d ago
this happens after every update? I better stop updating.
rmedtx888  +   1608d ago
I have a fat PS3 and nothing has happened to it...
nefertis  +   1608d ago
Some gamers still butt hurt over OtherOS got taking away, oh cry me a river. Playb3yond
Benjamin_Franklin  +   1608d ago
So not only does the FW take away its features but it also bricks the Ps3?

Yep. Ps3, it only does everything.
SuperStrokey1123  +   1608d ago
xbots, they only complain about everything.
Fishy Fingers  +   1608d ago
Strange really, I must of read "X bricks PS3s" over 20 times on N4G, yet I've never had a problem.

Thing with the internet, those with issues shout the loudest which tends to give the impression that the problem is bigger than it is and then, of course, there's always those who just lie.
NeutralGamer  +   1608d ago
My one year old Xbox havent got 1 RROD or 1 hickup so far, yet again I read nothing on the internet but xbox owners complaining over RROD and ps3 fanboys mocking them...

No one I know have got the RROD since they bought the Xbox with the Jasper chip...

Sry for the Xbox off topic... Just wanted to build up your point
dkgshiz  +   1608d ago
Just more lies...
From people with fake PS3s.
maxcer  +   1608d ago
so all the activity on the official PS3update board are all fake ps3 owners? no fanboy could ever be that bored.
Quadrix  +   1608d ago
You've never seen a true fanboy, then.
Corrwin  +   1608d ago
80gb Fat here, update worked a charm, but it did take a while.
Another case of idiots who shout the loudest get the attention.

I love how the article is all over the place: a "Storm" of complaints, but only "some" users have problems, and "plenty" can update fine but have connection issues.

Also "Many users who have elected not to install the obviously broken update are complaining that they cannot connect to the Playstation Network or play online games" - What's this? SONY wants to make sure everybody has this update? Those fiends!
Strikepackage Bravo  +   1608d ago
OK so
they are taking away yet another advertised feature at launch, and in doing so they are killing peoples consoles, then charging them 100 something bux to fix it, and you people still make excuses for them?

Can you imagine if MS did this, it would be front page news on every game site, the headline would read "Evil Lying Microsoft completely screws consumers yet again" BUT since its sony only the most obscure of sites have the balls to report it.

If you really want to know the quality of the PS3, hangout on the official PS3 forums, PS3 is not a whole lot more reliable than the 360 when you do a little research. The only difference is, Sony makes you pay for the repairs and replacements, while MS just covers it under warranty extensions.
Fishy Fingers  +   1608d ago
"and you people still make excuses for them? "

Nobody is making excuses, because nobody here seems to have any problems. Perhaps you should read the comments of those you decide to comment upon first.
#25.1 (Edited 1608d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Benjamin_Franklin  +   1608d ago
@StrikePackage Bravo
Actually it's $150 for repairs. And it takes forever + you lose everything stored on your HDD. Look it up there are tons of people who unfortunately had fell victim to the Sony-timer.
Treyb3yond  +   1608d ago
Yeah...we all know you hate PS3
Give it a rest,
Treyb3yond  +   1608d ago
This is BS
Ha! unlucky pirate scum, buy some games you cheap skates!!
koehler83  +   1608d ago
Chances are a single PS3 died a few days after the update so the only possible reason is the firmware. Conspiracy!

My 60GB is golden as always.
spektical  +   1608d ago
mine works.
MACADOODLE  +   1608d ago
Mine works fine but have a slim, I do have a friend I play Resistance with who has had an older model break after the update. He is the only person I know who has had this issue.
#29 (Edited 1608d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
BasilMarceaux  +   1608d ago
ridiculous article
Yeah, removing the other OS sucks. But this isnt "bricking" phatties. Mine is still chugging along like a champ, just like everyone else.

Just an attempt to get hits
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