Pre-E3 2007: Project Gotham Racing 4 Hands-On Plus 11 New Screens

Including its original incarnation on the Dreamcast as Metropolis Street Racer, Bizarre Creation has been around the block four times already with its Kudos-based arcade racing franchise. So what's going to make the fifth iteration, Project Gotham Racing 4, stand out from the rest? Inclement weather, true AI, and motorcycles. As previously revealed, PGR 4 features rain, fog, and snow. What gamers didn't know, was that they'd be racing through PGR 4's ten cities on just two wheels.

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MK_Red3907d ago

I wasn't expecting much but the bikes look really good. I hope they totally revamp the game's physics.

sajj3163907d ago

although the screens look like video-grabs, they show potential. I can't wait to see this in motion. Honestly MK_Red, physics isn't a problem. Why have another Forza? Let Forza be Forza and Project Gotham be what it is. Its supposed to be an arcade racer right?

tudors3907d ago

I am so glad we have Bizarre Creation on the Xbox-360; fanboyism aside you PS3 guys should know Gotham is a great online game, you would love it, and now with bikes, brilliant.

CG3907d ago

It wont be long before we see one of these screen shot in a SONY promotional ad for GT5 LOL.

Mr Murda3907d ago

That's all I can say to CG's reply. DAMN!!!

Odion3907d ago

i have to respectfully disagree with your statement, i think the game looks stunning and with weather it looks even better

ShiftyLookingCow3907d ago

Bigmac573, you are worse than TheMart and Bill Gates

VirusE3907d ago

Darthbillboy i think you are getting ahead of yourself. Worse is a strong word, bill is hard to top and you obviously are forgetting about jin kazama and nasim.

"I nasim, think i games be gr8tissst ps3 the roks, cartoon halo 3, killzone killzone killzone."

InMyOpinion3907d ago

VirusE - Now you are talking about mental illness and not fanboyism ;)

I think PGR4 looks very promising and I'm sure it will deliver, but I'm not as blown away by these pics as I were when I saw the short teaser trailer named Rain in St. Petersburg. I wish the show ingame trailers at E3.

Lex Luthor3906d ago

hehehe Nice. Bubbles 4 u

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iHeretic3907d ago

Ah, looking forward to it!

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The story is too old to be commented.