Turok Rebirth - 22 New Screens

Turok is an epic, story-driven first-person shooter set on a dark, mysterious planet in the near future. Players take on the role of Joseph Turok, a former Black Ops commando, now part of an elite Special Forces squad on a mission to take down a war criminal on a genetically-altered planet.

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Dudeson423911d ago

Like it's shaping up well.

MK_Red3911d ago

Screens look good but the game's real beauty is in its animation, I loved how cool dinosaurs and everything else moved in recent videos, cant wait for more Turok. (Hope they add some old Turok weapons not just the bow)

i Shank u3911d ago

this game looks tite, youre right the animations are sic! but why is turok and co. Gears of War body-doubles fighting the killzone soldiers? UEngine3 has sic grphx but seems alot of games using it have Gears of war soldier looks? that aside this game looks goood! i want to railgun a raptor in the face

Raiyel3911d ago

from what I remember from Turok N64 days was that it was a great arthouse game with style, technique and even mystery... it's a shame now that its remake looks like it'll be a stereotypical fps with nothing but run and gun elements...

maybe I'll be wrong... but I sort of loved the fact that the old Turok wasn't on steriods - oh, and what the hell? he's an indian or something not a friggin former commando!

MK_Red3911d ago

I agree but this is a whole new team and the game is rebirth so its so much different. I personally loved and prefered the old indian, mystic Turok with lots of crazy weapons and strange monsters and galactic story. The game does look a bit generic but the dinosaur animations are simply stunning IMO.

tudors3911d ago

I have to say that the games that are coming out are really upping the visuals and the animation; games like this will end the flamewars because even if the PS3 or the Xbox-360 boast slightly better graphics either way, you don't need it much better than this, at least not this generation.

IMO Crysis is possible on Xbox-360 and the PS3.

timmyp533911d ago

i can't wait to kill some dinosaurs.

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