360 outpaces PS3 in GTA IV pre-orders

It seems the 360 is currently in the lead in the GTA IV pre-order race, with American online retailer having taken more orders for the 360 version of the game than its PS3 counterpart.

According to the online retailer's site, the 360 version has accounted for 59 per cent of all GTA IV pre-orders, compared to a mere 41 per cent for the PlayStation 3 edition.

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SuperSaiyan43911d ago

There are like million more 360's than PS3's and since the 360 version is a lot better with most like better visuals and obviously a lot better online the 360 one should have no problem being the biggest seller of multi platform title since the PS2 days.

the worst3911d ago

your 360 wont last until gt4 comes out
u better go buy another 360 now
4 back up now run run

Also Known As3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

I will prove right now that i'm no xbox360 fanboy although i am a fan.

The difference between those percentages is less than the difference between the total market share for the 360 and the ps3 so when you take this into account the numbers are really better for the ps3. now having said that, i will say that this is to be expected since GTA is probably the most important game ever for the playstation platforms but as we all know that is not the case for the 360 I.E. halo, gears, mass effect, lost odyssey, two worlds........................ .............................. . ..........
............................. ................. . . . . . . . . .

candystop3911d ago

I bet it hurts your feelings knowing that the 360 always gets the best treatment hands down! You probably can't wait for PS3 to shine just to finnally have something good to say lol! The guy above you didn't say anything bad about PS3 but since he spoke the truth you got offended and had to say stupid stuff! E3 is tomorrow and I wish I could see the expression on your face and other blind fanboys when MS has an amazing show!

TruthHurts3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

your joking.
"after MS amazing show"

I`m pretty sure all eyes are on SONY.
and w/ KZ2 being shown immediatly after i`m pretty sure MS will not be getting as much attention as you seem to believe.

and lately MS has had so much bad press about "failures" right before e3. 3 year warranty/damage control, anyone?
dont get me wrong a 3year warranty is better than nothing, which is what you would have had if they didn`t extend their warranty.

PS. If 360ers don`t like PSheads to talk about the "failure rate"
they should have got MS to deal w/ it from the beginning.
So, Go ahead.



you should rethink whatyou just wrote.

KZ2 is "showing off" their engine a week later.
LBP and MGS4 will be amazing, but KZ is the game that WILL be talked about either way.

and why does MS fans think sony doesnt have games.

Where are the people who mad.
-Rise of the Kasai/Mark of Kri
-Zone of the Enders
-Sly Cooper
-Shadow of destiny
-Ghost Hunter
-ATV offroad
-Champions Of Norrath
-Dark Cloud
-Team Ico
-Twisted Metal: Black
-Shadow Hearts

all of these games are EXCLUSIVE ps2 titles, that had 8.0 scores.

my point is GAMES ARE COMING, and SOON.

candystop3911d ago

No i'm not joking in the least bit! All eye's will be on MS this E3 and heads will also turn towards Sony but MS will have the biggest surprises hands down with it's 3rd party support! It doesn't bother 360 fans about Sony fans just saying things because they think it bothers us! What's annoying is the fact that when you say these kinds of things it's nothing more than a cop out and a cowards way of acting towards the real problem! The real issue is how can you justify your PS3 purchase? how? There are no games and at this years E3 there will be so many things going on to where Killzone won't even shine!
I think the biggest games for Sony at E3 will be LBP and MGS4! Pride is one thing the truth but ignorance is another! You should really watch what you say because at E3 you might come out of there with a entirely new view on the way things will end up this generation! So who needs to Cry Me A River again lol?

candystop3911d ago

Ok Truth enough of this talk and back and forth jabbing! E3 is this week and we will all just have to wait and see what happens! What would be hilarious is if neither Sony or MS had a good show and the Wii walked away with the best showing!

masterg3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

Only 18% difference. I would have thought is would be more.
You forget to take into account that the PS2 owners who are waiting for this game hardly knows how to go online and order anything.

And who would preorder a game before they buy their console. Wink Wink.
I these numbers stick I will bet more PS3 versions will be sold.

Now I lost my bubbles again.. This happens every damn time I say anything positive about the PS3.

eLiNeS3911d ago

The Xbox version also will sell more because of the achievements that will be had and the $50 million exclusive content that will be coming down the pipes as well.

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TruthHurts3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

so this is SUPER irrelivant.

OK the ps3 should sell more because they have less systems out there?
at this point.

MikeGdaGod3911d ago

this is a dumb @ss article, it's only common sense that the 360 will have more pre-orders.

how could people argue this?

Kyur4ThePain3911d ago

expected a much bigger difference seeing as there are so many more 360's sold.
What's going on?

ThaGeNeCySt3911d ago isn't the only retailer allowing for GTAIV pre-orders... for all we know, when we factor anywhere else... it can be dead even for both systems or heavily one sided (360 or PS3)

sticky doja3911d ago

don't you get it later than the retailers? Either way I will get it for 360 on opening day

ngoniko3911d ago

Yea I was amaze at the 59 and 41... pretty close for a wide margin in units sold...
but this is just amazon.

StrboyM3911d ago

I'm shocked.. 11milion 360's...err sorry minus the 3million dead ones = 8 million 360's and only 4 million ps3's and its preorderd more on the system with the bigger user base,....this is unheard of. i demand a Mandela, OJ didn't do it..Attica Attica.

the worst3911d ago

more than half of the 11million
had 2 get 2 360's

razer3911d ago

Can you please provide a link to that information you posted?

Considering no hard numbers have been released and people are just spreading lies pulling numbers out of their ass..

akaFullMetal3911d ago

more preorders on a base that is more than double the ps3, and has only 59 percent, they actually should have 70? thats weird

closedxxx3911d ago

But, when you think about it, the XBOX360 owners have had direct access to the GTAIV trailers on the XBL marketplace. And after seeing the mediocre graphics in the trailers, they probably decided against it :-(

sjappie3911d ago

For a sandbox game, the graphics look great. Not very realistic off course, but a great cartoony style. Didn't you see the San Andreas/ GTA4 graphics comparison, there it becomes obvious how great it looks.