Time to let new Sony management shine, says Deering

"PS3 will be looked back upon ten years from now as a fabulous, life-changing invention..."

Former Sony Europe boss Chris Deering has backed his old company, telling that now is a good time to let new management breathe fresh life back into the company.

The entertainment giant has taken some well-publicised knocks recently, with the game division suffering a 68 per cent drop in operating profits due to the launch of the PlayStation 3, slow manufacturing of the crucial Blu-ray diodes and criticism over perceived poor sales of the luxury home console.

But with highly-regarded names Ken Kuturagi retired and Kaz Hirai taking on a CEO role, Deering says that the time is right for background players at Sony to step forward and help the company shine once again.

"I'm optimistic about PlayStation. Of course there was the changing of the guard with Ken [Kutaragi] retiring and Kaz [Hirai] moving," said Deering in an exclusive interview published today.

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felidae4028d ago

ps3's future's looking good.

360's too.

i'm happy.


Dudeson424028d ago

Yeah, neither of them are going anywhere, but to call it a "life changing invention" hmm... they better have something more up thier sleeve than Little Big Planet if they want to live up to that kind of hype.

MK_Red4028d ago

Hope the new management can bring Playstation to its PSone/PS2 glory.

fury4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )


Nervsys4028d ago

if some ex-sony guy tells us.

Am I the only one sick of these partronizing statements from sony and their 'friends' - like we can't make up our own minds.

Just remember kiddies - sony knows best.

timmyp534028d ago

have some great days ahead of them =)

nobizlikesnowbiz4028d ago

This guys gonna get canned like the rest of Sony's execs.

Naaa jp. I want to see great things from PS3.

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