Midway Announces E3 lineup

Midway Games Inc., a leading interactive entertainment publisher and developer, today announced its product portfolio to be shown at the E3 Business & Media Summit, July 11-13 in Los Angeles.

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MK_Red3910d ago

I hope they burn in hell, where's my Mortal Kombat 8 for PS3/360!?

TruthHurts3910d ago

its actually hilarious how much you love .............MMMMORTAL KOMBAT!
hey man, your passionate about it.

i hope for you, we hear something!



SuperSaiyan43910d ago

They should just sell their company and then burn it, all their games are cack, only decent games ever released by Midway was MK1 and 2 and maybe 3.

TriggerHappy3910d ago

I don't think they revealed the full list. Same with all the other developers . Am sure each one of them have at least 1 or 2 games in development that they will reveal at E3 but since it has not been announced yet, they cant reveal it. New IP's will definately be announced at E3.

MK_Red3910d ago

Agreed and I really hope its true. I love those new IP surprises but more importantly, I will have die of joy if they announce and show something from MK8 there as surprise.
And I dont think MK 5 and 6 (Deadly Alliance and Deception) were bad, they both earned best fighting of the E3 and year from lots of sites and MK:D scores ranged from 8.8 (IGN) to 9.5.

Odion3910d ago

did anyone else notice that UT3 is only said to be coming out for the PC?

sticky doja3910d ago

Yah I noticed that, maybe its further along in the development process than anticipated or something. Either way it sucks.

Ggame3910d ago

Where's UT 3 for PS3? (or X360)

TriggerHappy3910d ago

A delay perhaps ? or they canned the console versions(GOD NO) but either way they might say something about it at E3

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