360 HD DVD v PS3 Blu-Ray. Mail on Sunday roadtest.

The Mail on Sunday have compared a variety of next-gen DVD players and directly pitted the Xbox HD-DVD drive against the PlayStation 3 Blu-ray player.

Players were graded on Output, with HDMI 1.3 connection being better regarded than the older 1.2 because the 'greater bandwidths allow Deep Colour, which allows for a far bigger colour palette.' Players were also graded on whether they displayed in True 1080p and whether the sound was lossless Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD.

Look at the included scans for marks out of 5

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MrSwede4274d ago

Anyone surprised of the outcome? Good news for MS? Good news for Sony? I don´t know really.

Also Known As4274d ago

lets see here, this article
"New Code-Name'Falcon' Xbox360 to cut costs for MS" has more important news and more comments posted on it and yet is only as "hot" as this one. Which one will be moved up to the headlines first? I bet this one will only because it makes the 360 look bad and the other makes it look attractive.

Lets hope this wont be what happens now that ive made this post.

xbox360elitegamer4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

To tell you the truth, I find that HD DVD and Blue-ray are the same. I don't really find a difference, because I have the HD DVD, with my 360 Elite, I use a HDMI cable to play my DVDs at 1080i, and the resolution is about the same just like my friends Blu-ray, on his PS3. So personally, I don't believe what this article is true what there saying.

funkysolo4274d ago

blu ray movies are 1080p, so it's going to look better on a 1080p TV than the 1080i you get from your HDDVD add on. Also TrueHD audio sounds alot better. HD addon is not even the same league to compare to the PS3 blu ray. Well I'm getting the curse of the black pearl and deadman's chest on blu ray and it's in 1080p to go with my 1080p samsung.

crazyman4274d ago

What are you on about, HD-DVD is 1080p

MaximusPrime4274d ago

welldone to PS3. Best Bluray player on the market.

popup4273d ago

it must be its superior rendering capabilities :P

Antan4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

The biggest difference is the PS3`s ability to play lossless (uncompressed) audio.

EDIT-: To the gobsh!te (fanyboy) below.

The 360 HD does not support lossless audio, get over it.

"ehmm you know HD DVD's sound runs twice as fast as blu-ray,
blu ray=36khz"


So my collection of "48khz" Blu Ray discs are all wrong and technically breaking the law under the sales descriptions act??

Dipstick do your research and dont talk $hit about things you dont know!!

Hey kid, if you can read........

Plenty to get your teeth into, if you have any at such a young age?

Im no fanboy btw, so please make another excuse.

ENNO4274d ago

ehmm you know HD DVD's sound runs twice as fast as blu-ray,
blu ray=36khz
HD DVD=96khz
HD DVD is all around better,but sony has a huge install base wich come with free fanboys!so dont talk $hit about things you dont know!!

cdzie14274d ago

Both my PS3 & Toshiba HD DVD player are plugged into my receiver via HDMI. I noticed that when I play a Blu-ray movie on my PS3, the receiver says “Multi-channel – 48 kHz” (consistent with the specs on the back of the movie’s box). But, when I play any HD DVD movie, it says “Multi-channel – 96 kHz.” I’m not sure what this means in terms of sound, they both sound great, but I am getting a higher frequency on HD DVD.

achira4274d ago

not new that the ps3 beats the xbox360, at least in this aspect.

ericbs4273d ago

Whats the point of making these posts? Do you like trying to get fanboys fighting each other or what? Im sure if it was the PS3 that got 3 stars and the 360 add on got 5 stars, you would act like its not important or true wouldn't you. Well i guess you can't reply since you only have 1 bubble.

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