New Too Human Screen and Interview

Today begins with the second series of interviews with the producers of Silicon Knights' Too Human. Henry Sterchi starts off with some discussion about exploration and the many forms of character progression in Too Human. Henry tends to give a really good interview; if you can keep up, that is. There will be much more in the coming weeks.

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Sevir044029d ago

on this game because it's been way too silent on this game, so kudos to them. but everytime i see new pics i start to think that the actual game's visuals just wont cut it for next gen. especially when i see games like MASS EFFECT. in all honesty this game looks SOOOOOOOoooo, MEH!!!!!!! and this new screen doesn't even help the hype that this game has. you all can disagree like i know most of you will but, but in comparison to MAss effect this game holds no grounds or water at all. one of the poorest use of the 360 optimized UE3. i'll just stick with Mass effect it's a much better RPG game anyway

FeralPhoenix4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

yeah I would say Mass Effect is probably the best looking game so far, but this screen looks pretty damm good, or are you refering to past showings of this game because this screenshot doesn't look meh to me, again I wouldn't say its mind blowing but compared to many other games OUT NOW so far its holding its own and its not finished yet, now when you add the story and all the stuff going on in this game it sounds like alot of fun to me. We'll see how it turns out....I think SK will do fine.

ALI G4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

i had enough of waiting for this game.every event i am waiting to get new info about the was always no#1 on my list..but the approach the developer taking is fu#king pissing me off.screenshot not from gameplay , useless interviews , a full pages writing in their blog why they chose this color or that crap ....the gameplay suck [email protected]@ at previous E3 and if they changed it how much can they change it.just show us if you fixed the gameplay..when it was scheduled for late 2006 it looked amazing at that time but now good luck with getting this game out.i think they will have to wait another 13 years before they release it.

Daxx4029d ago

Silicon Knights is going to suprise us when this game comes out. They already said that they fixed the camera and reworked the gameplay.

Daxx4029d ago

Remember Gameplay > Graphics. And the graphics are next gen compared to the stuff on last gen consoles. The worse thing a person can ever do is assume that a game is going to crappy and not worth their time just because of graphics.