Wii is the champion (for now)

Forgive gamers if they're not so excited about Sony's big announcement today - the day before the E3 Media Summit starts in Santa Monica.The Japanese company is cutting the price of the $600 PlayStation 3 by $100. This follows Microsoft's admission last week that Xbox 360s are failing in "unacceptable numbers" and that it will extend its free-replacement warranty for three years. These moves by the console makers should have happened a long time ago, and gamers can only be thinking one thing: It's about time.They've both left a huge opportunity for Nintendo to succeed with the cheaper and more innovative - and apparently reliable - Wii...

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xbox360elitegamer4004d ago

That great for now, but I'm sure something will turn up, no console is perfect. You never what can happen.

unsunghero284003d ago

They'll probably release an HD Wii when the technology is inexpensive enough, and not a second sooner. Otherwise the Wii's only staying power is in its games, and they've got a lot of competition.

ASSASSYN 36o4003d ago

Im a 360 owner and say if the wii is leading or not...I don`t care. They aren`t a threat to exclusives, future games, or prefomance of the 360 or even ps3. Don`t get me wrong I think the system is cute and all. But, it is like a kitten vs. a bear.

Double-Edged4003d ago

but c'mon...
there is no game like smashbros. LOL

Wouldnt you like to play MarioKart Wii???

Kudos man.. is PAC-MAN in SMashbros?

unbiased4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

"They aren`t a threat to exclusives, future games, or prefomance of the 360 or even ps3."

I think you may have nailed it right there. no matter how well the wii does. There is no threat of games like GTA4, MGS, GEARS OF WAR or Final Fantasy jumping ship. because its just not possible on the wii.

That being said. good for Nintendo keep it up.

Dudeson424003d ago

I'm fine with saying that I think we all know the Wii is FAR from the same experience as the 360 or PS3. But thats also what I think helps it sell so well, it's not the same experience, but that also makes it unique enough to have alongside your other systems, which is what I have. Now, granted I havent rocked the Wii lately because I've burned out all the current games but again, all 3 of these systems are relatively early in their lifecycle so none of them are endlessly playable in thier current states.

MyNutsYourChin4003d ago

This article seemed to be discussing Sony's and the PS3's problems more than providing information on how Nintendo is keeping the Wii afloat. Not much of a read if you ask me...

Syko4003d ago

Well if the PS3 didn't have all the problems the Wii wouldn't be on the radar. The PS3 should be destroying the Wii like everyone thought, But it's not and the Wii is going nuts right now and shows no sign of slowing so everyone is wondering how Sony will stop the onslaught.

But I do see your point also.

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