Tecmo slams new E3: "I don't have the money to waste on an experimental project,"

"I don't have the money to waste on an experimental project," says Inada

Japanese publisher Tecmo has slammed the new E3 Media and Business Summit as a badly organised "experimental project".The harsh criticism comes as the event is due to start this week, with format holders Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all readying conferences for the world's press.

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yocdub3939d ago

Isn't that the point of the scaled back E3 to reduce the cost of Booths and Extra BS that usually surrounds E3's of the past. I'm guessing Tecmo probably wouldn't have went in either case. I mean for crying out loud most of the Devs and Publishers are holding meetings in Hotel conference rooms. I guess the Marriot is too pricey these days.

timmyp533939d ago

its the publicity i suppose?

amerz3939d ago

Looks like Ninja Gaiden 2 is indeed multiplatform.
They'd be pleased with the first month shipments of NGS on PS3.

Guess there's no NG2 at E3 then. This is just blow after blow to MS fanboys. No price cut, no NG2, certainly not exclusive, no Gears 2, what the hell have they got to look forward to MS? Throw them a bone!

mikeant3939d ago

Public E3 was the most anticipated day for gamers. All the choas, hype and showcases drove the event. I think E3 is going to get a wake up call and return to their old ways in a couple of years (maybe nxt year)

Figboy3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

but you have the money to waste on used up pornstars dressed as your gaming characters at the gaudy, loud, obnoxious E3's of old? whatever Tecmo.

just shut your face, because Team Ninja is the only good thing your company has going for you.

i've been to the past three E3's, and aside from the coolness of playing games months before they're out, it's a rather miserable experience.

too many people, sore feet, ugly booth babes (oh yeah, there's plenty. i was certain some of them were men in drag), and of course, the Activision booth, which always makes sure to have the loudest and most obnoxious "contemporary" music in the entire hall, which you can hear in the halls across the damn convention center, in an attempt to mask the fact that they're trying to pimp yet *ANOTHER mediocre piece of licensed sh*t, or the eleventy billionth sequel to a franchise that *USED to be good but has since been run into the ground...*sigh* i digress, but E3's of old are cool the first time out, but after that, ehhh, not so much.

it's a shame i can't go to this years E3 (my job doesn't have a gaming section yet, so i couldn't get a press pass), as i'd have liked to have seen how different it must feel.