Official: M&S refuse to sell Xbox 360 because of reliability issues

Marks & Spencers have taken the decision to not stock the Xbox 360 because of its 'poor reliability.'

In an effort to gain market share in this new market for them they are offering a free 2 year guarantee on ALL their technology products. However after examining the reliability of the Xbox 360 and the widely reported number of returns they felt they would not be able to offer this service for the console.

Marks & Spencers are currently stocking Sony PlayStation 3 and the PSP. A spokesman said they are looking forward to stocking the Nintendo DS and Wii when Nintendo are able to guarantee a consistent stock supply.

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Wotbot4025d ago

It doesn't make snese. M&S don't have to repair them.

I didn't even know M&S stockedgames machines?

amerz4026d ago

That's what you get for rushing to market. I remember pathetic arguments saying MS didn't rush at all. Well, looks like Xbots were wrong again.

What an amazing turnaround in mindshare at the very least. Let's see if this translates into more sales for Sony, because it sure as hell translated into plummeting Xbox 360 sales.


your talking out your ass - xbox 360 is still outselling PS3 LOLZ!

and who in their right mind buys electronics from M & S? its a clothes and food store....

SuperSaiyan44026d ago

Out of the box not only does it offer a headset and HD cables 9 (premium version) it also does soo much more than what the PS3 can do for the FULL HD and gaming experience offline and online.

M&S is the last place I would ever buy this amazing product.

Blankman4026d ago

You don't seem to understand 33% failure rates is a high issue. M&S wants to guarantee their customers reliable high end tech gear and it wouldnt be financially wise for them to include the 360 in their 2 yr reliability plan. So instead of saying we promise wnt break for 2 yrs or ur money back or wateva but we cnt promise for the 360 you can take that up with Msoft with their 3 yr warranty they just decided to not stock it at all. Its that simple and at least that way they maintain their image of providing reliable tech gear

sonarus4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

dude the 360 sucks period. Sure it has the most games and sure it has great online but at the end of the day its still a flawed product because of its high failure rate. In fact 360 should be recalled and the 10 million who bought it given their money back or jst recalled without money back and redesigned and sent back in proper workin condition. However if this happened it will definetly be the end for them so i doubt it will but seriously how did msoft release a product with 33% failure rates in the first place. I mean i know they are not a hardware company but common

Edit @ all the people hating on marks and spence for not catering for your precious xbox. If msoft cannot guarantee a quality product whose fault is that. Msoft reputation will go down with its failure rates and marks and spence dosent want theirs to go down with it. While it is unlikely walmart and other stores will stop carryin the 360 however stores like marks and spence who offer top of the line quality products will. Its that simple so apparently their sales off xbox products simply wasnt worth their reputational hit. so booyah

Blankman4026d ago

this could mean a decline in xbox sales. I mean as a consumer even if i get 3yrs free warranty a 33% chance of failure is just too much of a risk for me. I am pretty sure other retailers refused to stock them or at least threatened because if i buy a 360 from lets say target and it breaks it not only makes msoft look bad but target too. This am sure is the real reason behind that 3 yr warranty. If not msoft will still be brushing it aside as nothing. However there is nothing they can do about it now and msoft is taking the necessary steps to improve.

young7yang4026d ago


the 360 is cool

M&S will be at a loss in the future...

in the meantime.. get one from wallmart, game stop, kmart, are any other video game or electronics retailer... their losss

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