No plans to cut 360 price in Japan - Microsoft

Despite poor sales of the console in Japan, Microsoft has stated that there are no plans to cut the price of the Xbox 360 in the region but future discounting not ruled out.

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SuperSaiyan43941d ago

The 360 is already dirt cheap in Japan along with the PS3 any cheaper and they might as well give Japan consoles for free.

They have a heap of games on the 360 especially Japanese ones like Blue Dragon and with Lost Odessy on the way this year that should help tons - a price drop at this time could help too but who cares about just Japan?

What about the huge shafting UK gets in the price? What about us eh?

TriggerHappy3941d ago

Sony said the same thing and kept denying the price cut rumors and look what happened ? pfff.

MK_Red3941d ago

I seems that since Sony isn't cutting prices there, MS doesnt need to follow but if MS cuts 360 prices (Already with Elite) before Sony PS3, 360 may have a better fate in Japan.

BIadestarX3941d ago

Japan is bias against the xbox and price drop will not make a difference. I remember when people said.. that the only reason why the xbox was not doing good it was because it didnt have games that they liked.... well... the xbox 360 currently is only consoles with jrpg games... they have blue dragon and eternal sonata. the PS3 have crap... heck... the best 2 PS3 games are Resistance and Motorstorm... if you ask me... Japan never being interested in FPS.. and yet the PS3 sells better than the xbox 360 even without games...
Forget Japan in terms of price.. they already have a price drop. Microsoft just need to maintain a precense there.. make a few JRPG games... and focus on giving a price drop where it will actually help. microsoft can drop the price in Japan to same as the wii and them Japanese people would not buy it.

Shadow Flare3941d ago

I love that picture. It really does say a thousand words: The Japanese think Xbox 360 is crap, the Japanese think Xbox 360 is crap, the Japanese think Xbox 360 is crap, the Japanese think Xbox 360 is crap, the Japanese think Xbox 360 is crap, the Japanese think Xbox 360 is crap.....i could go on

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