GTA4 Different on Each System?

Analyst Michael Pachter, tells about how he was told/heard that both versions of the upcoming GTA4 for multiple platforms will have differences between each version, he predicts possibly the PS3 version may be longer and have the 360's content already on the disc.

Possibly extra sound tracks (Radio stations), extra side missions, or even little differences like posters on the wall. Like the trailer contains a poster that has a phone that was called the "Nano 360"

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SuperSaiyan44032d ago

I just re-read and it was an ANALYST who was TOLD this apparently and he also apparently PREDICTS the PS3 version will have more.

Oh wait the 360 fans also have an ANALYST and we KNOW that we will get EXCLUSIVE content that will NOT be on the PS3 version.

gaffyh4032d ago

he was TOLD there were DIFFERENCES, but not what those differences were, he guesses what they could be. You should Re-re-read it.

socomnick4031d ago

If the trend continues then it will look better on the Xbox 360 than on the ps3.

Bordel_19004032d ago

It only means that they will not let DVD-9 become a limitation. Thay'll make use of the extra storage space on the Blu-ray disc.

If true; way to go Rockstar!

vidoardes4032d ago

Does nobody read the report comments? Can someone point out to me a time signature for this video where he mentions anything in the written description, because I couldn't find it.

Burekman4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

He said Take Two told him that so there must be some truth to this "differences".

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The story is too old to be commented.