Pre-E3 Coverage: Sony Vs. Microsoft Vs. Nintendo

E3's changed, but the battle between the big three- Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo remains the same. Each company plans to outdo the other, shocking audiences with surprise announcements in the hope of stealing the show. The festivities begin Tuesday night with Microsoft's press briefing, followed by Nintendo and Sony, respectively, the following morning. Here's what GameDaily staff expect to happen.

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MK_Red4031d ago

Master Chief Vs Solid Snake Vs Mario, who will win? MC is the youngest with a huge fan base and extremly devoted fans. Snake is old in the game but character and game series like its younger than Mario and they both have hardcore and older gamers behind them as well as new generation.

FreeMonk4031d ago

Although Mario Galaxy is going to be a great game, I think the main fight will be against Master Chief and Solid Snake!!

It's going to be a close call.

Although I can't wait to see the Halo 3 Single Player experience, I have a feeling deep down that I just want to see the MGS4 playing experience a tinny wienny little bit more, even though I don't own a PS3 yet.

I've seen and played some of Halo 3 with the beta (although it's not single player obviously!), but have yet to try MGS4.

Also, I will be playing Halo 3 in 2 months time, yet I have to wait for MGS4 for maybe 5-6 months.

I love you Chief, but Snake still has a special place in my heart!!!

Greysturm4031d ago

MArio can jump really high to avoid the fire and bounce on their Maybee even return fire if he manages to get a flower or a star maybee even get high with a mushroom ...rofl

Snake can hide in a box and get sneak attacks on the other two...rofl or put a dirty magazine on the floor with photos of peach and cortana distracting the other two... continue rofl

Masterchief well he gets disabled by a chaff grenade early in the game.....even more rofl

Dudeson424031d ago

You guys might like a little piece of work I did earlier this year:

MyNutsYourChin4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Just as Nintendo and their Wii stands by and lets the mega-conglomerate companies of Sony and Microsoft try to best each other in hardware, add-ons, and franchise games for their PS3 and XBOX360, respectively, Mario will sit by and happily watch Master Chief and Snake annihilate one another.

Personally, I think Ratchet and Clank have a better chance at beating Master Chief than Snake does...

Azures4031d ago


They are both engineered soldiers. Snake could definitely own up aliens if given the weapon and opportunity.

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Umbrella Corp4031d ago

Lets go master chief lets go mario!I place bets on them lol.


Alright ladies and Gentlemen The Game is afoot.

The Players have been named

The Weapons have been chosen ...

The Location has been revealed

And the Arena is appealing to the MASSES

Who will deliver the goods and be declared the winner? None can tell for certain. But one thing we can be sure about, we're in for a good battle !

ReconHope4031d ago

a close quarters gun battle because of master cheif's unrealistic armor but he could use his camoflauge/stealth and snap his neck or shoot him in the head.

ItsDubC4031d ago

Ya but neither of them can grow to twice their size by doing shrooms.

Greysturm4031d ago

But what is masterchief going to do if snake has active camo or a box he doesnt even have heat googles. Besides all masterchiefs electronic equipment get disabled by chaff grenade from snake which whould render the armor useless and halo human grenades are still very 20th century frag grenades so there we go...

DFresh4031d ago

Has a price drop on the 60gb from $600-$100 = $500 and the coming a newer system (80GB) w/ new memory plus free bundles.
Brand new content for Playstation store w/ new demos, trailers, and games.
Brand new exclusive games
like Ratchet & Clank, Tekken 6, Warhawk, Lair, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Metal Gear Solid 4,Time Crisis 4,SOCOM, etc.
it goes on plus the release of Kill Zone 2.
I'm sorry world but Sony has this all wrapped up just like they did w/ the PS2.

Double-Edged4031d ago

X-box live demos are always being posted.

and $100 dollar price drop for the PS3?? 360 is already gonna have a price drop + Fixing the reliablity + 3yr warranty

Exlusives??..Opinions to themselves.. but think about third party.

I'm sorry.. but I just had to reply to your ignorent comment.
Sony is wrapping it up? NO, they are simply on the spot light because they have a lot to prove to gamers. So dont claim things such as 'wrapping it up'

I myself am looking forward to PSHome and MGS4.....

anyways. 360 will have the E3 intro....PS3 will have the E3 outro

Greysturm4031d ago

Third party is mostly multiplatform now, and sonys remaining third party exclusives are more coveted than 360 third parties at the moment in the latest polls i could find. However i really would like to know what microsoft is gonna do to wow us all at e3 hopefully something grand.

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