Euro PS3 announcement on Thursday

Sony to make price-related announcement on Thursday, SCEE tells CVG
Sony has confirmed to CVG that it will be making a PS3 pricing-related announcement this Thursday, but wouldn't divulge specific details.

This comes after Sony today slashed the price of PS3 in US by $100 to $499, as well as confirming that the 80GB console is to go on sale there in August.

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Watkins4002d ago

If that's not a price cut ...

gunnerforlife4002d ago

please please let it be or my head is going to explode i can keep on sharing my ps3 with my bro anymore its getting on my nervs:(

Sevir044002d ago

Sounds like he hogs the darn thing. Cant have that now can we

jromao4002d ago

if anyone needs more than 60 GB of HD space, buying the 60 GB model for 499 and then get one 160 GB Hard Drive or higher to replace the 60 GB HD that cames with PS3 is the right option as we can buy that new 160 GB for only $60/70, getting more than with the PS3 80 GB model.

Anyway is always another option, not bad with that extra games or sixaxis. Resuming, buying a PS3 is always a good option.

MK_Red4002d ago

Thank God, I was afraid that the price cut was only for US. Now it would be perfect if they cut the price for Australia and Japan.

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