Metal Gear Solid 4: Demo Coming Soon

Note: the original story is in German. I was able to Translate the story thanks to Google Translator.

The Kojima Productions celebrates the 20. Birthday of the Metal Gear solvent row and organizes a party on 24 July. With the exclusive meeting in Japan also a demo of "MGS4 becomes: Guns OF the Patriots" pointed to PlayStation3. Whether the demo also on PlayStation network is not published is well-known yet. We want to hope it!

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Blankman3938d ago

if sony/konami managed to pull this off and the game was still sweet that would be totally awesome

SofaKingReetodded3938d ago

an E3 MGS:4 demo made available on PSN would be EARTHSHAKING

amerz3938d ago

This'll be mind-blowing


No MGS4 for 360 then,ill take this as confirmation

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The story is too old to be commented.