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Suda51 reconfirms Grasshopper's commitment to No More Heroes 3

Suda51 has once again stated that No More Heroes 3 will be created and compares the progression of the series to excreting. (Wii)

Valay  +   1916d ago
Gotta love Suda51's toilet humor. He's an awesome developer.
mjolliffe  +   1916d ago
Looking forward to it already!
dgroundwater  +   1916d ago
Just hearing this makes your day y'know?
-Mezzo-  +   1916d ago
Love the first 2, can't wait for the 3rd one.
PhilipLarkin  +   1916d ago
eagle21  +   1916d ago
He even stated that he is going to make it for Nintendo's next home console. :)
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Cajun Chicken  +   1916d ago
Csn't wait to play the second one...but the question is...is Suda going to stick with Nintendo?
Redempteur  +   1916d ago
the 2nd is already out ..
if you love suda humour ar just want awesome fights in a crazy world ..
you've got no reaon to hesitate

I love both

i prefer the first game bosses but i loved the 2nd battles better.

maybe iwth the third we'll have the best of both ..
SpoonyRedMage  +   1916d ago
Well Suda said he considers it a Nintendo platform franchise. Plus he said that recently about wanting to make a game with Nintendo and there's the fact that he wants nothing to do with NMH: Paradise.

I'd say there's a pretty good chance he'll make it for a Nintendo platform but what Marvelous does with it is up to them I suppose.
Cajun Chicken  +   1915d ago
Not out in EU yet, hence why I haven't played it.
sarshelyam  +   1916d ago
Come on Suda...
I love your work but I can't support a system I play when there's NOTHING ELSE.

Bring it to PS3...please!?
Voozi  +   1916d ago
Sarshel...that you? Same one on my friend list?

If so...HEY! Lol didn't know you came to n4g..the "wild west" of the gaming sphere I like to call it due to the comments posted here haha.
na-no-nai  +   1916d ago
that is good news too hear
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