New Rumble SIXAXIS bundled with 80GB PS3's?

Look closely at the 80GB model image and you notice that the "PS Button" is glowing red. Could this be the new rumble SIXAXIS?

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crunkthug3880d ago

well i have a ps3
but ithink it would be so damn good for the people that dont have it
i mean ps3 + rumble sixaxis + motorstorm + 20 GB
man that what i call a deal

Wotbot3880d ago

I feel gutted. I wasted my £425 on the PS3 with and then they release a version with 20 gig more and rumble controllers.

I want some compensation Sony.

NoUseMerc3880d ago

I think the 80GB is barely worth if they include the SIXAXIS rumble. 20GB worth of storage doesnt really cost that much and Motorstorm tops is only worth $60.

If they include the new rumble controllers and perhaps announce at E3 the PS Eye would come bundled too, then I would definitely buy it.

Or they should look at adding a headset to the deal. Not everyone will buy Warhawk (eventhough they should).

Komrad3880d ago

No that's not a rumble six axis controller. It's an added effect, i believe.

techie3880d ago

Rumble announced on Wednesday

marionz3880d ago

i dont know what the red light is but on the news here in New Zealand it showed one of our kiwi rugby players playing his new game on the ps3 and i noticed his controller had the red light on the home button....
will be interesting to see what it is but its definatly real because ive seen it!

Why o why3880d ago

please. but wouldnt another light kill the battery a little quicker and why red. Why not blue? BLUE = KOOL

NoUseMerc3880d ago

Dear god I hope its rumble...that would be sweet!

Real Gambler3880d ago

If the sixaxis look exactly the same as the ones we currently have without rumble, then you will need to be able to tell which one has rumble and which one doesn't just by looking at them with the power off (before picking them up). So it's likely just colored plastic, not backlit.

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The story is too old to be commented.