FolksSoul Review

It almost seemed as if JRPGs on the Playstation 3 wouldn't make an appearance in the console's early lifespan. Those who've longed for such a game had Enchanted Arms, originally an Xbox 360 title, to tide their woes. But even Enchanted Arms, though a good game yet somewhat unfavored by many, wasn't enough to tide most. It wasn't until E3 2006 when early Playstation 3 adopters would be introduced to one of the many JRPGs heading to the system. Monster Kingdom: Unknown Realms was announced, later changing its name to FolksSoul (Folklore in the U.S.) wowed many with its surprisingly rich visuals comprised of a Gothic environment.

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GoLeafsGo4025d ago

Folksouls/Folklore is Monster Kingdom!?

I was wondering where that title disappeared to! It looked awesome last I saw it (as MK).

I think I'll be downloading the demo on PSN now =D

gunnerforlife4025d ago

so wat did they give it a thumbs up or down cuz thata the worst review i have ever read. how could u not give it a score

TruthHurts4025d ago

but can you not read.

just read it.
instead of just getting a number that tells you about a game.

if you did read it and your still saying the same thing.


<sarcasm> good graphics </sarcasm>

timmyp534025d ago

this game is stunning... view my attached image


ok yeah its stunning, in comparison to a PS2 game.

textures = lolz.

felidae4025d ago

better shut up .. cause you know nothing about this game. i've played the demo and these screenshots don't show how good the game looks in reality.

the graphics are far better than Kameo's or Overlord's.

so please ... be quiet or play the game.

Cosmo4025d ago

Can't stand when they don't give it a score, it just like there describing the game and not critically evaluating it. Wait for a respectable review like IGN

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The story is too old to be commented.