Top 5 Sexiest Female Characters in Video Games

GFB writes: "Video games are packed with a lot of outrageous and interesting characters. One of the most intriguing things about gaming is that male gamers never have a problem playing as women. Maybe that's because the female characters aren't designed to look tough like the male characters. Female characters are designed to be hot. We've picked the five hottest female characters in video games. "

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PHOSADRA2968d ago

How many times do we have to have this hottest character comapison?
It is all personal opinion and really doesn't matter since they aren't real.
(Now if we talk about cosplay that is another story ^.^)

I am surprised that there are no FF characters.

presto7172968d ago

Have you seen her thighs in SF4? Damn. Unless you're into buff chicks, then hell no!!!

FanboysWillHateMe2968d ago

Tifa (FFVII), Sheva (Resident Evil 5), Eleka (Prince of Persia), Elena Fisher (Uncharted), Bayonetta (...Bayonetta), and Lighting(FFXIII)

Not necessarily the hottest, but they are my favorite female videogame characters. Most female characters are sexualized in some way, and I really like how all of that is thrown out with Elena Fisher. Instead, her character is reflected through her dialogue and interactions with other characters, and it really humanizes her and makes her all the more charming yeah?

christian hour2968d ago

Haha I agree at firsty up top. I actually thought it said "Top 5 sexist female characters" when I clicked on it. When I realised it wasn't that I didnt bother clicking the source link. no doubt this will be top of the page soon haha

Army_of_Darkness2968d ago

1. Tifa (FF7)
2. Fang (FF13)
3. Vanille (FF13)
4. Lightning (FF13)
5. Aya (parasite eve)

zeeshan2967d ago

Ada Wong is also one of the sexiest female game characters. Should have made it to the list.

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charlescox42968d ago

I can't be alone in wondering how someone can overlook FF's Tifa right?

2968d ago
Wolfie2968d ago

My fav: Lara Croft, Claire Redfield, Maria (Silent Hill 2), Julia Chang (Tekken series), Chloe Frazier

C L O U D2968d ago

If only I met a girl with those legs :P

Dtoxz2968d ago

My gf has legs like her! Not nearly as extreme as Chun Li but nice, thick, strong legs. It's one of her best features.

Thats what I thought when I saw her legs too. Lol. I'm such a nerd.

C L O U D2968d ago

You Sir, is a lucky man.

presto7172968d ago

Or are you kidding? I cant tell.

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