Is N4G Good For Gaming?

If you're a hardcore gamer you probably have heard of fast rising video game news aggregation site, It's run by gamers and provides news for gamers. Just like any other news aggregator, stories become popular or big hits based on user feedback and community driven approval. But is N4G really a community of gaming related information being used to propel news or just a marketing tool for popular products (namely the PS3 and Xbox 360)?

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Odion4002d ago

hey people are starting to notice us!

Omegasyde4002d ago

Good Job N4g and all the fanboys and flamers that give this website its unique flavor.

I did find it sorta of bizzare that Neogaf is more popular that N4G still...

FreeMonk4002d ago

N4G has everything is one place!

Even with the flame wars we all know that the X360 fanboys, Sony fanboys and Nintendo fanboys love really love each other!!! ha ha ha

Keep it up N4G's!

macalatus4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

@ omegasyde and freemonk,

Your comments couldn't be any more true. This is truly a gamer's community, whether you're a console partisan, casual or hardcore gamer. I gotta be honest, without the crazy posters (POG, Bill Gates, Thammer1, xsux360, BS3, Jokes on You, Maddens Raiders...heck, I might as well include myself) this site wouldn't be the what it is right now.
Funny I'm saying this right now, because when I first came to this site, I was truly annoyed with the rampant fanboyism. Now, strangely, in a guilty-pleasure kind of way, I see why fanboyism (Sony and MS) is necessary for this site's identity. (If you're reading this Daxx...I'm sorry, but fanboys is what truly make this site unique).

Now, everyone pop off your imaginary champagne bottles. If your underage, an imaginary can of Coca-Cola will do.

+bubbles to the posters above

4002d ago
Wargasm4002d ago

don't kid yourself man.... you don't love TheMART... nobody does


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Shadow Flare4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

I'll tell you why i think this site is good for gaming, and its the main reason i use this site. It's because news gets added so damn frequently. I don't have to wait till tommorow or a week for the next news. And also, the comments and debates and whatnot keep the gaming scene vibrant. I'll put it this way, im a hell lot more excited about E3 after reading news and comments from people about it on this site. And i'd like to trot back in here when certain people were proven so wrong about things like Killzone 2 and the likes. BTW, 2 more days!

cuco334002d ago

1/2 the 'news' articles are from some fanboy blog site, skewed to make their console of choice craptastically look good

anytime high def movie format news is mentioned, predominately bluray news for the sony guys to justify their purchase of a game console with no games, it gets posted. this includes stand alone player price drops, deals, and movie releases. why is this news in gaming? because the fanboys and brand loyalists try to spin it so, 9 times out of 10 it is not pro hd dvd because 360 owners use their 360s more for gaming, not bluray watching

read an article. any article. if it's about the wii the 360 and ps3 owners will bash it, and sometimes spin the reason why their system is better and the wii is crap. likewise if it is pro ps3, some xbot will bash it and vice versa. handheld information is still skewed towards the consoles... why, i dont know... last i checked MS didn't make a handheld.

the maturity of the posts in here are evident that posters are under 20 yrs old, or have the mentality of a sub20 year old. i come on here most of the times to read the pissing contests of strangers on which is better and why. mommy can't afford all systems? go work a paper route or busboy or something... enjoy ALL gaming on ALL platforms

because console sales and game sales define who is winning and who is losing... that is of course unless it's the wii... no matter how much of a butt whooping in sales the wii is doing, it's still crap...
uhh huuuhhh hypocritical with a dash of irony dontcha think?

Blankman4002d ago

we did it you guys. yeehaaaaaaah!!!!!!!

cookiemonster4002d ago

well it's a great place for fanboys and trolls to gather and bicker. It's good for spinning the truth and misrepresentation.

o...and sometimes we get gaming news here.

ALI G4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

should ceasefire for 24 hours and start partying.

RESPECTTTTTTTTTTT for everyone took part in N4G

EDIT:oh my god ...... for the first time there is more agrees flying around than disagress, another reason to party.

DrPirate4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )


Bubbles for you.

The day before E3 should be peaceful. Then all out war can break out again when the convention starts.

Edit: I've noticed, I've been agreeing to anything that promotes peace today, and everyone here gets a bubble.

Wargasm4002d ago

I totally just disagreed with you

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