Top 5 Third Party PS3 Titles That the 360 Needs

NowGamer: All of these are Japanese in origin and mostly fairly niche, although no less excellent for it. This is because third party PS3 exclusives tend to be the result of Japanese publishers prioritising their domestic market where the PS3 is much more popular than the 360...

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Hellsvacancy2972d ago

I doubt many (if any) of the games will even run on the 360 anyway, im lookin at u 3D Dot

mrv3212972d ago

I doubt they could fit on a single DVD... looking at you ALL OF THE GAMES ON LIST!

blitz06232972d ago

Bots don't really want any of those games. They're happy with their Halo and other FPS games.

avengers19782972d ago

They do need games but I really don't think that they need these games, I don't think RPG's are really big on 360. Metal Gear would have been nice a year ago, but with MGR on the way I don't think they need to port this Guns of the Patriot(it was great though)

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theunleashed642972d ago

if they ever attempted to run on the xcrap 3fixme it would overload and blow up

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BeaArthur2972d ago

Eh, I have only played MGS4 and I wasn't a huge fan of that. I've heard that Demon Soul's and Valkyria Chronicles are good but the other two I am totally unaware of and have zero interest in. I'm sure 360 owners would like to have the opportunity to play them but I wouldn't say the 360 needs them.

The Time Reaper2972d ago

Valkyria and Demon's are amazing. You should really check them out.

BeaArthur2972d ago

I actually tried the Valkyria Chronicles demo but just couldn't get into it. I might check out Demon Soul's at some point but I already have a lot of things back logged and it would be awhile before I get on that.

Raf1k12972d ago

I tried the demo which was nothing special but I got the game anyway and trust me it's so much better.
Get it. You won't regret it.

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