Playstation 3 + 20 GB + Motorstorm = $599?

While forums are going ballistic with chatter over the news of the Playstation 3 price drop, Sony might be pulling a fast one on the gaming community.

- The Playstation 3 now costs $499. Sony has gotten rid of the 20 GB model, and therefore the lowest price a consumer can purchase the PS3 is $499.

- Motorstorm is $59.99. The price could drop as well by the time the bundle launches in August.

- According to, the difference between a 60 GB and an 80 GB hard-drive is minimal. In fact, most of the 80 GB hard-drives listed are less expensive to buy, as many manufactures have phased out 60GB SATA hard-drives as the average drive size has increased.

The total cost of all the pieces in the package is less than the $599 sticker price.

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BubblesDAVERAGE3910d ago

Ms charges 100 bucks for 20 gbs and now all of the sudden you guys got a problem with it....

Shadow Flare3910d ago

i personally don't like the idea of this, while having the $600 price point...but i know why sony is doing it and its to recoup its money back. Which i guess is a win-win situation for everyone cos no-one is forced to buy this package. Those who do will be happy enough

Supa3910d ago

Yeah it's an interesting look at the situation, but since it's optional I don't see the harm in it.

BBsin3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

This one didn't make any sense to me either. MotorStorm + 20 extra gigs is not worth 100 dollars. The pricing for 20 gigs is dirt cheap right now.... i actually have 5 ways to make this deal worth it or much sweeter.

1. Add HDMI cord
2. Add some sort of coupon for any 2(or more) bluray movies free
3. Add bluetooth head set along with another controller
4. have 2 rumble six axis controller.
5. give 30-50 dollars worth of PSN virtual money

I already have a 60gig PS3 but if sony did include one of those options in the new 80gig+Motor Storm deal then i'd get it.

EDIT:: wait... my bad apparently theres already a deal where if you get a PS3 (or bluray player) now till september you actaully get FIVE bluray movies, so scratch number 2 from the list..... go figure, all i got was a free controller with mine. X_X

amerz3910d ago

The box says limited edition, right?
This PS3 is definitely making profit, and its sales, if limited, are intended to be at sell-out levels to balance any price cut. The latest reports say PS3 was profitable 3 months ago. (Probably not by much) 100 price cut and they might still be profitable, now to reach mass levels 399 is much better.

By using 80GB limited sales, they can balance out another price cut this year to 399 and maintain 5% profitability they intended. I see this as the best way for this to work itself out, and hopefully, Sony does too and they don't just mean 'Limited' for the MS pack-in, unless after that pack-in, they drop BOTH SKUs by another 100, or phase out 60GB and drop 80GB to that level. Which would be a bit worse than my idea, but not Elite levels of idiocy. 'Limited' MS pack-in definitely wouldn't last from August till next year, so we'll find out.

Oh yeah, and it's a huge rip. If you buy it you've been suckered. But people will because they go crazy for limited sh**.

I hope we find out the real deal at E3. Sony should own E3 - no chance of an MS price cut, Sony price cut announced, New PSP, Shockaxis, more games, HS demo (most impressive game this gen period) etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.