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To keep up with the latest news, you can view a live stream of the official E3 SCEA press conference this Wednesday, July 11th, starting around 11:30 a.m. pacific time. About a half hour before the conference (11 a.m.), click here and SCEA will have a live conference feed available.

And if that isn't enough for you, SCEA will have tons of content hitting the PLAYSTATION Store this week, including the SCEA press conference and exclusive first and third party videos and trailers, only available through PLAYSTATION Network. These will be available shortly after the conclusion of the press conference. SCEA wants to make sure that you're getting the info as soon as possible. Rest assured, there is much more to come this week, including the conclusion of our Inside the Developer Studio series, so stay tuned….

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jay23907d ago

UK P.C time please. nice work there,Lord Anubis.

LSDARBY3907d ago

Yeah wt time will this be in the UK. I cant wait.

ALI G3907d ago

apart from the PSN, since i do not have P3 yet?PLEASEEEE help.....

psychotic_duck3907d ago

With a service like PSN, one would expect the updated Store to have some new demos that are on the E3 show floor. We're dying to play some Killzone/Lair/Uncharted/Haze/M GS4. Okay sure maybe the last one isn't playable yet, but the other ones most certainly are! We expect you to deliver next week Sony!

Greysturm3907d ago

This sounds cool, but i wonder besides mgs4 and final fantasy 13 what other exclusive third party trailers could they announce unless they just stole the videos from microsoft to piss them off. I would love demos but having been a gamer for a long time i can live with videos, since sometimes demos put me off the game alltogerther.