80 GB PLAYSTATION 3/Motorstorm Box Shot

Gaming Bits has the image of the new 80GB Motorstorm Bundle.

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MEGANE3693d ago

I know there is gona be many xbox fans talking crap i just gona say that if that if u think 80GB n a game (good game)is not a good deal get the 60GB for 100 less(PRICE CUT)...there both good deal. Now i wander when the new controller comes out, u guys think there gona update the games that already came out so the controllers shake when u plain motor storm or resistance????...that will be nice.

kspraydad3693d ago

than the one 'released' in Europe back on Jun 28th.

Based on the story and press release HDMI cable and no Rumble controllers in the pack..


Rockstar3693d ago

...I had rumble and I wish the PS button lit up red.

MEGANE3693d ago

I thought the ps button lit up red thats why i bought a ps3..thas a

ErcsYou3693d ago

a red ps button would be nice.

Lord Anubis3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

you could make it lid up if you wanted.

Ksprayedad are you talking to me?

kspraydad3693d ago

Do some of you think the photo is fake?

Sony's blog just posted it too...

I don't have a PS3 but what significance, to you, is the red symbol?

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The story is too old to be commented.