Thoughts on the New 80GB PS3

Sony today announced an 80GB PS3 for $599 which ships with a copy of Motorstorm, while the 60GB version will drop to $499. But is this enough to attract buyers?

GWN editor Richard Manley writes, "For potential PS3 owners, the increase from 60GB to 80GB of storage space is worth next to nothing. That extra 20GB is, in terms of hard drive sizing, an increase about as small as they come. It not only puts the new PS3 behind the Xbox 360 Elite in terms of sizing but also in price.

Sony are throwing in a copy of the popular off-road racing game Motorstorm to sweeten the deal a little, but I'm doubtful if that will be enough to turn this ship around. Potential PS3 owners would be better off, in my opinion, buying the otherwise identical 60GB model for $100 less, and calling it a day. It has all the same features, and that 100 bucks you saved could be better put towards a couple games you actually want.

Gamers who want masses of storage space on their PS3 are likely going to install their own 300GB monster, not spend an extra 100 bucks for a measly 20GB of extra space.

Still, ignoring the new 80GB model, the 100 dollar drop for the 60GB version is a step in the right direction. If Sony can launch a solid line-up of must-own titles this Christmas, and bundle one of those in with the $499 60GB model, they'll have a hit on their hands."

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aiphanes4004d ago

Sony will play it this way for now...release a rumble sixaxis with touchsense and MGS4 will come out before christmas along with Killzone 2 and the PS3 will rule the all the suns in this part of the galaxy will also align to....LOL

But you go sony kick some ass!

Crazyglues4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

but I don't know if "all the suns in this part of the galaxy will also align to" ....LoL

We will have to just wait and see on that part.

Blankman4004d ago

20GB means nothing. However if motorstorm is a game you actually want to play some people might go for it. As long as they arent loosing to much money of it i doubt it will be discontinued quickly and i expect to see more bundles and not just motorstorm. Maybe resistance or ninja gaiden

TheExecutive4004d ago

ok... well if you look at the box of the 80gig ps3 ( it says limited edition. Does this mean that the 80gig is only for a limited time? or what?

Jeremy Gerard4004d ago

It means they will only give you motostorm for a short period, after that it will just be 100 bux for 20 more gigs.

pLaystation4004d ago

lol at the pic malcom in the middle was a pretty funny show .

kspraydad4004d ago

I'm thinking they are pushing out the 80GB for a 'limited edition' period while they clear old stock of 60gb.

In Sept/Oct they launch a 80gb with rumble controller (no game) at the new 499 price point and any leftover 60gb go to $399

Just my guess..

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