Analysts talk: Rock Band and GTA IV will be phenomenal, MGS4 will prove PS3 superiority

It's no secret that Guitar Hero appealed to both hardcore and casual gamers alike. Croal believes that hardcore fans will dish out money to purchase the full experience Rock Band has to offer, while their casual friends will walk in to play along before deciding to get their own set of peripherals.Ubisoft is unavoidable when speaking of third-parties. Analysts find Ubisoft to be very inventive, which will put pressure on EA. Assassin's Creed is currently a big question mark, but everyone expects it to be very big...

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Phantom_Lee4024d ago

u know....I never play Guitar Hero before...but I have been thinking about give it a maybe I will just get the 3rd one this year...or try Rock Band..

and I though FF series the best 3rd party then MGS...

kr90914024d ago

Yea i have never played it before either. But i'm thinkin about giving it a shot this time around because i have heard great things about the game.

Mycococo4024d ago

but i never bought it. i cant play the guitare and i dont care to try but i WOULD LOVE TO PLAY THE DRUMS! i might get rockband or rent it but i am not counting the game as a heart stopper at e3. gtaIV is incredible and i anticipate halo will hide its splendore but by the time the extra content comes out it will find a revival in that crowd but maybe by that time ps3 will have proven itself and R* will release it for ps3 too(unless there was any contract signed keeping it exclusive)(which is prob the case but there will be something extra for ps3 owners when the time comes around).

if mgs4 is only possible on ps3 that is a good sign for kilzone killing halo in graphics atleast if not in game-ability as well. but if mgs ends up going on the 360 it will show there isnt a distinguishable difference in the consols.(but killzone will still be great and better than anything on 360 in terms of reality but halo is a beheamoth so it is yet to be told if killzone can be the david for this galiath)

snoop_dizzle4024d ago

is like the #1 reason to have a PS3. Can't wait.

radzy4024d ago

what if it is announced also for the xbox 360 ?

MrSwede4024d ago

Then reason #2,3,4,5,6 and 7 will kick in and make you buy PS3

aiphanes4024d ago

If it comes out this year...Sony will kill in sales by end of year...

Maybe there is going to be a suprise....

snoop_dizzle4024d ago

its coming at the end of the year, but it will probably be moved.

Nicosia4024d ago

Lol a Gametrailers roundup, watch the real ep please lol.

nasim4024d ago

have already killed the poor x360.

HAlo3 looks like a super cartoonistic game.
On the other hand each character in LAIR has 20x more poly than each character in HALO3.

poor x360 would surely be dead after e3,2007

kr90914024d ago

"HAlo3 looks like a super cartoonistic game.
On the other hand each character in LAIR has 20x more poly than each character in HALO3."

LMAO and yea it does look pretty cartoonish....that's why i don't really care for halo games.

darkequitus4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

You really need to think begore you speak. Yave the idea that every game needs to have a realistic look, just like Ratchet and Clank, right?

Of course you have the poly count stats for lair, bare in mind Poly count is only half the story. What abount render to texture et al? I guess you don't no about that. Apart from the pedegree of R&C and MGS4 all the other IP is uproven.

but I will leave you fanboyt pratts to it and just play the best game whatever platform they come on. I have not bought the PS3 because I am some Xbot, hardcore PC freak or a Wiiman, I am just waiting for the game to arrive for the PS3, not promises, actual games I am go out and buy that are not on the 360. And I mean more than one game.

There is brand loyalty, then there is blind fanatism.I suppose you have a bit of time to grow up. One day you will grow up and realise how stupid you fanboys sound. Frig

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