New Tekken 6 Footage

Check out the new gameplay footage of Tekken 6 VS match.

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Phantom_Lee3999d ago

I hope Raven is not dead....

Blankman3999d ago

lol. i heard destructible environments were being added. The slam thru d glass. is tht wat was intended?

jpod3999d ago

Yea, there is an area on one of the stages where you can go thru glass.
Can't wait for this game. From reading around, people have said graphics are greater than vF5 and DOA by far even though this is still beta. Can't wait for teh real thing. New animations for all, system going back to t4/ttt like. Too good, can't wait.

jlytle12343999d ago

tekken 4 and ttt are nothing alike. tekken 4 was the weird tekken that no one liked. then tekken 5 was made. it resembles ttt. tekken 6 should be the style of ttt and tekken 5 crossed with the environment of tekken 4. you gotta know your stuff.

jpod3999d ago

Um, if you're talking to me, I do know my stuff. I've also been reading and watching a lot of vids to see why people say what they say. T4/TTT like means it's got elements from both games. Supposedly the juggles are T4 like with TTT execution. Movement seems to be TTT like again, but these are just from what I've read and seen. Until I play it for myself, I won't know for sure, but these are what top players are saying. Also T5 was already made TTT like.

Skynetone3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Ill pick it up when it hits the bargain bin

How about a section were ya fight on glass and after a few seconds it breaks making you fall to your death, so you have to keep moving to stay-alive, last glass standing wins

and for the people robbing my bubbles, give them back there not yours

timmyp533999d ago

in mortal kombat.. i wonder if tekken will have it.. and oh yea...bad quality vids

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The story is too old to be commented.